Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Armed US Troops on Arizona border: it's about damn time!

McCain-Kyl want troops on US-Mexico border.

Well, it's about damn time. But this time let's give 'em ammunition.

We need men like Wyatt Earp - just finished reading a good biography about him. Also just finished on about Doc Holliday. It seems that both men for all of their idiosyncracies believed that they were bringing law and order to the frontier. Too bad we have elected folks who swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution which includes as part of their oath to defend the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic and many of those have recently moved into the White House or so it seems.

It would be nice if some men in America were born with a full set of the anatomy they used to be born with or maybe we could suit up the feminists who have castrated our American men and let them protect the U.S. border. LOL at that image. The coyotes and illegals would rape those fine feminists first and add their cast off clothes to the "rape" tree out in the badlands of Arizona.

The dereliction of duty of our elected slugs is enough to make a person start smoking again. There are more laws against smoking in the US than there are laws to protect legal American citizens from the illegals from Mexico and Central America not to mention China and the Middle East who want to destroy this nation.

Way to go McCain and Kyl. Didn't you have on your "hearing ears" as Judge Judy says during the last presidential election and only the Lord knows how many others.

A nation that cannot or will not defend its borders and gives Miranda rights to Islamic fundamentalists terrorists is no nation at all.

But wait - Obama is being successful. Is that his goal? I guess NATO and Poland are felling safer now too.

Talk about the Chicago "Mafia" thugs taking over the White House. No disrespect intended against the Mafia of TV fame.

Janet Napolitano an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court?

How about we wait on that until the "babe" defends our nation from the invasion of illegals. Let's see if she can do one job before giving her another one. She sure didn't defend our nation or the citizens along the border and Hillary declared State Department warnings that Americans were not safe along our border towns.

I feel so secure with the girls in pant suits.

Forget our man-child president. His goals for America are becoming more and more clear. Glad the Europeans "like" him. I wonder how they'll feel when Iran sends a few missiles into Southern France or Italy. We sure won't be there to help. By that time we couldn't find a nuclear submarine if one of our aircraft carriers had one tethered to it.


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