Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2012

The 24 Democrat Senators up for re-election in the 2012 election are:
Daniel Akaka - Hawaii
Jeff Bingaman - New Mexico
Sherrod Brown - Ohio
Robert "Big Sheets Bird" Byrd - West Virginia
Maria Cantwell - Washington State
Benjamin L. Cardin - Maryland
Thomas Carper - Delaware
Robert P. Casey, Jr. - PA
Kent Conrad - North Dakota (in 2010, Dorgan has already dropped out of a re-election bid)
Dianne Feinstein - California (I believe it is a conflict of interest for Ms. Feinstein to serve on committees in the Senate or to vote on funding that will increase the hundreds' of millions of dollars her husband gets from contracts with China for one place. That would seem to me to be putting a lot of U.S. dollars indirectly in her pockets. Something for Californians to think about. Barbara Boxer is up for re-election in 2010 so Californians have a chance to replace both ladies soon it that is what they want.)
Kirsten E. Gillibrand - New York State
Paul G. Kirk, Jr. - Massachusetts
Amy Klobuchar - Minnesota (home of the esteemed Al Franken; Donna Brazil (sp) had it right - "the one who counts the votes determines the winner.)
Herb Kohl - WI
Joseph Lieberman - Connecticut (He's listed as Independent; he caucuses with the Dems.)
Claire McCaskill - MO
Robert Menendez - New Jersey
Tricky, easily bribed Ben Nelson - Nebraska
Bill Nelson - Florida
Bernard Sanders - Vermont, listed as Independent but he's the only one honest enough to say he's a socialist.
Debbie Stabenow - MI
Jon Tester - Montana
Jim Webb - Virginia (let's not forget how he votes on Death Care or Amnesty coming soon)
Sheldon Whitehouse - Rhode Island
Check out the 16 Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2010. We have a real chance to "take our nation back" and restore rule under the Constitution instead of under Obama's Czars and his pact with labor unions who arguably destroyed our automobile industry.
That's 40 Democrat Senators up for re-election in the next two voting cycles. Some of them have already dropped out - Dorgan, Dodd with more to follow if we keep the pressure up and demand to be heard.
Now is not the time to weaken in our push for Freedom and Liberty over Tyranny.
If all women have the right to choose to kill their unborn babies, I have the right to choose LIFE and health care for myself. Certainly the government through draconian policies cannot take my life away from me. I understand that viable preborn babies have no rights under our current laws - but it is still taxing to realize that a person murdering a pregnant mother will be charged with a double-murder even if the pregnant woman is on her way to have a late-term abortion. Back to....
We don't want to shred our U.S. Constitution and replace it with Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."
There are 9 Republican Senators up for re-election in 2012. That's just the way the mop flops in the Senate as only 1/3rd come up for re-election every two years and each one serves for 6 year terms.


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