Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown election: Levers heard 'round the world!

In the honorable tradition in defense of liberty and freedom and standing against tyranny, the voters of Massachusetts pulled the "Levers heard 'round the world."
The Senator-elect Brown election holds many lessons for the GOP in the up-coming 2010 elections and farther out into the 2012 election. Dem Senators up for re-election in 2010. Several will not be running and others we just need to "kick to the curb" non-violently by not voting for them.
Senator-elect Brown himself states in an article by Glen Johnson and Liz Sidoti that the election was much more complicated than simply a referendum on the current Stealth Administration and its handmaidens, Pelosi and Reid.
From the article:

Asked on NBC's "Today" show if the election was a referendum on Obama, he replied, "No, it's bigger than that."

"I just focused on what I did, which is to talk about the issues — terror, taxes and the health care plan," he said. "I don't think it was anything that she did." Brown noted that he was able to establish himself as a strong candidate, traveling across the state "while they were in the middle of their primary. ... People enjoyed the message."

He called the Obama-backed health care system "not good for our state," and said he didn't think the voters would stand for any effort by Democrats to delay seating him in the Senate. Brown said Democrats would pay at the polls in November for any "political chicanery." He also said he believes he offered voters the vision of a public servant who would vote in Washington for whatever is best, "whether it's a good Democratic idea or a Republican idea."

Lessons for the GOP:

GOP analysts will be looking for lessons from the Senator-elect Brown election to identify the key components that enabled Brown to attract Independents, Democrat voters, as well as the Republican voters who threw out Republican Congressmen and Senators in 2006.

I am not a political analyst but here are a few observations from a "boots-on-the-ground" poll watcher who has sat behind the city registrar folks and watched them do their work as voters waited their turn to vote.

1) develop strong candidates from state legislative bodies. Folks who have demonstrated strong, solid voting records that reflect core principles of following our US Constitution as well as State Constitutions.

2) develop strong candidates who have good established experiential backgrounds in military experience and in other key issues such as from the health care industry - Doctors, other medical professionals.

3) train and place poll watchers inside every prescinct voting location.

4) train and man the outside folks (those who hand out literature to voters as they go into the voting location) and ensure that they have several phone numbers at hand. They need the phone numbers of local police, the Republican Party local leader, and the Republican on the "election board".

All of these are needed to ensure that ACORN, SEIU, or folks such as the Black Panthers do not obstruct the voters and do not intimidate them from voting. There is too much federal money and "gifts" going to these organizations and 2010 will be BIG for them. They won't allow what happened in MA to happen again if they can stop it.

Where I live, we recently had the son of the former mayor physically and of course verbally attack an outside volunteer.

5) ensure that Republicans are inside of the polling places working as election officials. Of course party affiliations are not allowed to be displayed inside but Republicans need to ensure that there is a balance among the election officials inside. Just to keep things on the up-and-up. That includes folks who know how provisional ballots are to be handled, etc.

All of these suggestions and much more means that with fresh, honest faces and standards, Republicans can and will dislodge the strangle-hold that Pelosi and perhaps the soon to be former Senator Reid from Nevada have had on the legislature in Washington, D.C.

It would be one thing if they were listening to Americans that we don't want the Barack "Alinsky" Obama agenda marching us in lock-step into Socialism or worse Community Organized Communism.

We also have to remember that the Stealth Administration is getting scared which means they can go one of two ways: put the screws to us through direct fiats or they can try to learn to listen to the American people. It appears that Congressmen and Senators who are following the Pied Piper in the "empty suit" and not listening to their constituents will be marching themselves right out of office in 2010 and 2012. The choice is theirs.

Senator-elect Brown's election was not a referendum; it was a demonstration of our REPUBLIC of we - the people - in action. We, the people, went to the polls and voted YES for liberty and NO to tyranny.

I tend to see the Brown election as more about "we, the people" speaking with our voice at the ballot box. Just when you thought it was all rigged against common sense, we the people throw buckets of cold water all over the politicians who are way too arrogant even for folks who voted for them to stomach.

The Brown election was about we Americans - the Americans in MA - ripping the Kennedy "Senate" seat right out of the maws of the MA Democrat Political machine and saying, "This is our Senate seat, damnit; not yours. Walk lock-step with an agenda we know is wrong for ourselves and our nation and you're out. We are watching your votes."

Republicans need to remember, these up-coming elections are NOT about political parties. These elections are about our representatives doing what is right for our nation as Brown said whether the idea is a good Democrat idea or a good Republican idea. It's about doing what is right. We don't need Senators such as Arlan Specter doing what is "right" for himself. We need them doing what is right for our nation.

We need STATESMEN representing us, not "statist" as defined by some political pundits. We have to elect statesmen who put the people and their nation FIRST and who follow the U.S. Constitution.

God bless you MA voters. You took part of your state as well as this nation and its direction back yesterday, January 19, 2010. You pulled the levers heard 'round the world.

Free people must maintain their vigilance and inform themselves and then vote. The "levers for liberty" were pulled in MA.

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