Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama and TV News Burn-out

I am working to avoid Obamaitis. It can be self-inflicted by over-exposure to too much of seeing President Obama on television, even in commercials. Good grief!
I try to limit my exposure by avoiding watching his news conferences with the White House press corps. How much of Helen Thomas can anyone take? I liked the way Ari Fleischer handled her. "No, Helen..."
I only saw a smattering of his U.N. speech. I mean the guy from Lybia called Obama the President of the United States from Kenya for goodness sake. Hmmm.... And Hugo Chavez luvs Obama. That says it all right there. And the Castro brothers have to get on the "Love Obama" wagon. These boys just are having a dictator love fest. Of course, Mad Jad had to wave the flag for independence from the Great Satan but he knows Obama's in the bag because Iran and Russia are thick as thieves and working very closely together and Obama just kicked Poland and the Chech Republic to the curb so all is really hugs and kisses between Russia, the US, and Iran through back channels.
Of course, looks like we are cutting Israel loose but my money is on Bebe. He wasn't pulling any punches at the U.N. He's a man you can believe in and he will defend his nation. It will be interesting to see what the next three weeks or so hold.
And why are we letting more Islamists into this nation? That's like having a guy on an international air flight who has the black plague and sores are all over his body and we say, "Hey, come on in, Buddy. Yeh, ya wanna kill us but we're so nice. We're gonna let you in and give you the best places to stay with road maps and everything. Even educations and everything. Have a nice stay... Oh, and get those sores looked at at the nearest hospital."


Blogger Ron Russell said...

First visit---I'm like you, I'm sick of our great fearless leader and the constant apology tour. The guy is really beginning to get on my nerves, at least the Danes will get him for a day this week. Heard that windbag from Libya say the other day he wish Obama could be president for life---what a scarry thought. Nice looking blog. Found you in a round about way via a comment on "right wing army". Like you I was trying to get on the blogroll there. I'd tried before, but no luck. My buddy Texas Fred had more luck I think. Anyway after I finish this I'm adding you at TOTUS. http://totus-blog.blogspot.com

10:54 AM  
Blogger Ron Russell said...

Thanks for you recent visit to TOTUS and thanks very much for linking to my site. Like you I stay busy writing, but not too good at it, oh well! Wish I were in "Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen" today with Barry and Michelle---I would gladly make that sacrfice, as Michelle put it---private 727 and airforce one, damn its costing us a forture for those two to pitch those games---someone will made a bundle, but the tax-payers will get screwed as usual.

9:13 AM  

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