Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Stop Obama in 2010 Elections

It's time for Americans to stop Mr. Obama's madhatter dash to takeover American private industry. He's got the automobile industry of our former Big Three; he's got our banks, large and small; and he is striving mightily to get our entire health care industry lock, stock, and barrel with the now called Kennedy Health Care Act ????. Keep in mind that the late Senator Kennedy did not have the health care the Democrat elite want to force upon us. Obama won't have to sacrifice his family on the altar of the health program that Americans may be forced to kneel upon. The 'health care legislation' means that all of the health care industry from private company medical research, to hospitals, doctors, and most near and dear to us - our own well-being and the eventual well-being of our children and grand children. Mr. Obama has legislated our children and grandchildren into slavery through the mountains of debt he chalked up in his first 6 months. Where the cries from the media? Can't you hear the cries had this been George W. Bush's actions and Bush had his own fair share of piling up debt but Obama is just the conduit for more staggering debt. In America, we have elections every 2 years when ALL representatives come up for re-election and the Senators in one of three classes come up for re-election. The Founders staggered the elections of Senators so that the entire Senate would not come up for re-election during the same Congressional term. Here you can find a list of the Senators coming up for re-election in 2010: Senators up for election in 2010. Several of the Senators are resigning so their seats will be open. There a few more Republican Senators up for re-election than Democrats but this year several really 'nasty' Democrats are coming up one of whom is Barbara Boxer from California. It is time to STOP Obama's grip on legislation and it is time to call his hand on naming 47 or more CZARS who are accountable to no one but Obama. On the matter of CZARS, it is time for Congress to challenge Obama's power to work outside of the Constitution. If we can take back the Senate, we can stop or at least slow down what is becoming tyranny and Obama's quick-step march to enslave us and control us from cradle-to-grave. The choice is ours. We must work within the peaceful avenues open to us to clamp down on the current Executive Administration.


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