Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama Rationed Care is about power and control

President Obama told us one to judge him by the advisers he gathers around him regarding various policies.  His advisers should scare the hell out of all of us.
Here is a chart of the Democrats' Health Care Reform which looks like a board game with "end of life" - sorry - "Game Over" as the goal:  Health Care Bill Chart.  Hillary Care on steroids.
Well, Glenn Beck did that yesterday and the presentation was incredible.  Glenn Beck on Health Care
Here are the Czars which President Obama has "appointed" to circumvent the United States Constitution.  There is no "advise and consent" for any of these czars and the "health care" czar is not working alone.  
From The American Thinker, we get Not Obama's Czars but his Commissars.  
Health-care Czar may drop public option  Laugh out loud funny....
From Flopping Aces:  Czars to leave Congress flapping in the wind in biggest executive power grab EVER.
***And what about National ID Health Cards?  A must read with links:
Another good analysis of what is in the Health Care Reform government take-over: here.  A quotation from JamesH.  Lilley:
First and foremost every American should know that Mr. Obama, his family, our senators, their families and our congressmen and their families are exempt from the very Health Care Plan they are fighting desperately to shove down our throats. If it is so good for the American people, why are they choosing to exempt themselves? The following are excerpts from the Obama Health Care Bill, titled HR 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, which should be very eye opening to every American citizen.
Peter Singer from Princeton - he advocates a mother being able to kill her children up to the age of two because they are not capable of "reasoning" until after that time.  Another article on Peter Singer:  Peter Singer:  Architect of the Culture of Death.  Singer is one of Obama's "health care" advisers.  Charming...
Rahm Emanuel's brother, Ezekiel Emanuel, who is a doctor.  Here is one article of interest:  Ezekiel Emanuel: Deny Coverage to Elderly and Disabled for the Greater Good.   
Another man, John Holdren, the science czar, advocates putting sterilizing agents into our drinking water to control our population.  Here is an article regarding Holdren's views:  John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, says forced abortions and sterilization needed to save the planet
And most charming of all is a chart that shows the value of a human life:  babies and infants (including infants with disabilities) are of no value because we haven't invested any money into them yet.  One teenager is more valuable than 14 folks who are 85 years old.  None of this takes into account the productivity of the teenager vs the productivity of any of the 85 year olds.
On the chart, once a person reaches mid-50s, his value goes down and then at 65 his value decreases markedly.
As Glenn Beck says, "Here's the one thing, America..."
Well, here's the one thing aside from the creeping evil within the Obama Rationed Care:  during the debates for the 1964/1963 Civil Rights Act and questions of how the government would know if a business or other entity were meeting integration goals, would there be "government racial quotas?" 
The answer from the sponsors was a clear statement of "NO quotas."  The program was not for equality of "outcome" but for equality of opportunity so that everyone could apply and the ideal was that folks would be hired based upon merit.  Many Americans know how that worked out.
The federal government CANNOT do anything without "quotas" against which to evaluate the "success" of any given program.  
Regardless of what President Obama says, the ONLY way to cut costs in health care is to deny or ration care to some folks and to treat other folks depending upon arbitrary criteria or standards.  Age, pre-existing conditions (MS, Parkinson's, handicaps of some nature or degree), and life-expectancy plus potential benefit of the person to society (how productive can the person be and how much can the person be expected to pay in taxes...)
Now to the POWER:
I've said this once and I've said it twice and so I'll say it again.  We are on all kinds of databases but the average American - with the exception of his Social Security Number (think about that ID number's name) - is not on one national database with his DNA and other personal genetic information available to the government.  
The "health care debate" should be about our medical care and the dismantling of our private institutions BUT the debate must include discussion about another key tentacle of this diabolical "plan" - the power to force every American onto a NATIONAL database that will include our DNA and our potential to contract certain diseases based upon genetics.
This "health care" database will give the government the power to control your life and mine from birth to "end of life" chats.
Please look to the bigger picture concerning the control this "rationed care" program will give the government over who lives or dies and when.
The government is a non-entity.  It can ONLY determine the success or failure of its programs through quantitative data which means numbers. 
One thing that the Congress can do if it wants to help Americans get health care on their own is to make the 1,300 health care programs sold in various states available to ALL Americans across state lines.
But think about the power this "rationed care" will put into the hands of a federal government that cannot run a railroad or a post office system.  And think about the fact that support for this particular program will be signing the death warrant for children born with disabilities.  Who knows how many other people will be shamed into dieing?
And through supporting this heinous bill, Americans will be signing the "end of life" or other death warrants for their own children and grandchildren who may one day reach an age or contract an illness that is not considered desirable for the continuation of life.  

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Power and control is the name of his game. It always has been; but Americans can stop him - if they stop letting others do their thinking for them, and cease trading their liberties for what amounts to the price of a few school clothes and book-bags...

12:38 PM  
Blogger yale said...

Thank you for your site. Just moved back into the area. Is there a group here that you actually meet with, occasionally or regularly? Will read and follow more as we settle in, but would love to meet on these matters. Have some inter-faith grad school coursework, so have a basic knowledge of sharia and aggression. Thanks, Deb/Jon

6:08 AM  

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