Friday, August 14, 2009

Obama takes heat off of terrorists to let rationed care do the job

How to say this...  Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists don't need to go after infidels when administration policies may eventually do the job for them.  Of course, that notion is just silly.
It is true that Obama is not formally, in public at any rate, pushing to "pull the plug" on Grandma or Grandpa or even the new borns up to two years of age such as Peter Singer champions - actually giving mothers the right to kill their children up to the age of two.  Read his writings...
But what Obama Rationed Care will do is decrease the amount of money that hospitals and doctors will be reimbursed for expensive procedures so Obama will effectively make the hospitals and doctors the "bad guys".
Health care cost would go down over night if Obama pushed for tort reform but the trial lawyers are big supporters of Mr. Obama.
How does Obama rationed care take the heat off of terrorists who want to kill infidels?  Well, depending on which age group and figures one looks at from the CIA World Factbook, health care, sooner or later, can and will be rationed to those with disabilities and to those of a given age or ages.  The numbers could be anywhere from 70 million to 38 million, mostly infidels.
That's one way to kill infidels that will save wear and tear on the terrorists.
Anyone who cannot see that Mr. Obama is setting up a government that is a supra-constitutional government beyond the law and certainly beyond the pawns he has now turned Congress into is either in denial, not well-read, or too busy castigating me and not looking to see the personal shames that must weigh heavily upon them.
The only folks in America today who need access to affordable health care are the middle class.  From my own recent experience in a hospital emergency room, I can verify that I have two types of health care and I was the only person not seen by a doctor in over an hour and a half,  and me with blood pressure of 234 over 110 or something.  Thank God I walked out in my little sock-covered feet with my running shoes and a book tucked under my arm.
If one sees fit to castigate me and to lecture to me about my conscience, look and see the splinter or rather California redwood in your own eye.  We can of course disagree but I would rather teach a man to fish than to have that man beholden to me and waiting for me, in the form of federal government bureaucrats to hand out his daily ration of fish.  How humiliating is that.  If he knows how to fish, he will be free.
We Americans are a generous people;  we always have been but when the middle class families who are denied affordable health care see their taxes go to pay for the health care of others, legal citizens as well as illegals, then those middle class families are seeing corruption at the highest levels of our nation's leaders.  
Mr. Obama is buying votes and he is after power, absolute power.  Over 46 czars answerable only to him... vetted by no one, and paid for by us.  Out only way to stop him on his way to a dictatorship or thugocracy is to get rid of any Representative or Senator who votes for this rationed health care bill.
He's just the massa in the big house and his goal is to enslave all Americans and force us to be dependent upon the Executive Branch.
Slightly off-topic, but it is, in my humble opinion, very dangerous for the House, the Senate, and the Executive to all be of the same "political" party.  It was dangerous for the Republicans;  it is dangerous for the Democrats; and it is extremely dangerous for "we, the people." 
For anyone who is concerned about my conscience, why not take two aspirins or pain-killers and worry about your own conscience.  As the late Michael Jackson said, "Look at the man in the mirror."  
Need a job?  See National Guard Internment Camps;  and
National Guard not advertising for political dissent internment camps and   Internment Camps - National Guard Ads for Workers in Camps
Conspiracy theories everywhere...  And we know that all they are "conspiracy theories."  What a relief.
But how did Mr. Obama get so much power so quickly with no checks and balances?  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI - The link below debunks seven widely-distributed false claims about the proplsed health care plan. They include some for and some against the bill.

1:43 PM  
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Blogger Beach Girl said...

Rightriot, tried your link and couldn't find you. Leave full link - please.

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