Sunday, August 30, 2009

UAE stops arms headed for Iran

Yes, the United Arab Emirates stops the shipment of arms sent from North Korea headed for Iran and for the killing of American and other allied forced as well as Iraqis in Iraq.  Who knows how many of these munitions would get into the hands of other terrorists supported by Iran?
From the Bloomberg Press, H/T Drudge Report, UAE Seizes North Korean Weapons Shipment headed for Iran.
Let's just disband the UN - a worthless entity - and congrats to the world power of the USA - wait, got that wrong.  It's congrats to the UAE for stopping the shipment.
What a relief!  The USA did all that tracking of some North Korean ship or something or other with suspected weapons on board headed for Iran (?) a week or so ago - and by golly, the UAE stopped the shipment.
USA now the world's leading trackers.  We can track anything or anyone any place, any time, any where but God forbid we actually "stop" munitions transfers.  I know; I know.  We don't want to upset Hugo Chavez or some other dictator we're "in bed" with or wish we were. 
I wonder how much money that UAE stop is costing us?
Have a great Sunday and - if you are interested in these things - remember the US Open starts tomorrow and we get to watch some real power-houses...  


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