Friday, August 28, 2009

Teddy Kennedy Health Rationing! Drowning made easy...

It is not unusual among the flipped-out, wealthy liberal fascists, a.k.a. progressives in the current "administration" to never waste a crisis or a funeral.  Remember the disgusting hypocrisy surrounding the late Senator Paul Wellstone?    
Leading, rich, and famous "other peoples' money" grubbing sickening fascists will use Ted Kennedy's timely demise as the center piece around which to enslave the rest of us with the chains of Obama's fascist "death panel" rationed/denial of medical care extermination plan.  "Never let a crisis or days of prime time grieving (?) for a bootlegger's kin go a-wastin'."  I say where's the good, old-fashioned Irish party? Here's a link provided with a H/T to Kathy at View from a rocking chair for more here.  Also, for more interesting "things" about the bootlegging roots that formed the foundation of a Senator's career: What they won't mention about Ted Kennedy:  Treason from  Confederate Yankee. And from Mark Hemingway in The Corner on National Review Online, we have  One of his favorite topics of humor was Chappaquiddick." And from The American Thinker, we have Kennedy and Chappaquiddick in obits. The Teddy Non-care Plan is quick and easy.  Just search on Chappaquiddick or for Mary Jo Kopechne, the trusting woman who drowned as she clawed for her life certainly praying that Teddy would save her from the water-encircled car while Teddy instead rushed to his hotel room to shower and change.  More here. Let's hope the Blue Dog Democrats hold the line against Obama's fascist health control carney act designed to make you and your family totally dependent upon the administration for God only knows how much intrusion and control into your life and ultimate death. Obama's fascist health control grab is not about the sunny side of your health care provided by a benevolent administration led by a dictator whom you are to worship; it is about POWER and the destruction of AMERICA's private sector. Why won't the feds just let all health insurance companies operate across state-lines? Hmm... Cause Obama's fascist health care control grab of 20% of all aspects of one industry it about bringing us to our knees - I'm talking KNEES - in supplication to the Obamessiah Administration's little GS-4 who's gonna deny Grandma's extended care or your knee-replacement.
Come on people... Fight this take-over of our nation by Obama and his unrestricted CZARS.  Isn't 46 or 47 CZARS just a tad unconstitutional.  The man supports dictatorships in Central and South America.  And he can't stop apologizing for us.  Do you think he really gives a rat's backend about YOUR medical care except to see that it is rationed?
Or would you rather be a baby who survived partial-birth abortion and trust in Obama to take you from the cold dark room and the steel table you've been left on and wrap you in a warm blanket and hold you in his benevolent fatherly arms?  How stupid have we become?
Remember, the 2010 Elections are right around the corner.  The only chance we as a people have to reduce Obama's power is to regain control of the House and the Senate out of the claws of Pelosi and Reid.
At the very least, we must STOP this takeover of our industries, most lately with the direct attack on your life through the assault of our health care programs.

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