Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama's "Snitch on your neighbor" program

Well, it had to come at some point - the "Snitch on your neighbor" program.  As I recall in reading Stalin by Edvard Radzinsky, he wrote that one time 6 out of every 7 Russians were telling tales on their neighbors in hopes that they would survive Stalin's tendency to kill Russians.  I believe Hitler had a very active and effective "snitch on your parents" program.  How much our government fears law-abiding American citizens.
I highly recommend Radzinsky's Stalin.  You'll be glad you read it.
This comes to us from Tammy of Tammy's World
To: Subject: Reporting a Website Body of email: To Whom It may Concern: Click here:  Above you will find a website regarding health care reform. Unlike most citizens, I read everything like this completely and I have to tell you, I find this extremely "fishy". I do hope that you will contact the authors of this information and let them know that we, the American People....will not stand for anymore disinformation. Thank you for your help in this matter.
Sorry, but we need a bit of a sense of humor to sustain us in all the madness.  I heard Glenn Beck comment the other day about when he had become disillusioned with our government and our leaders.  I have been wondering that for myself as well and I think he hit upon a point that may have been pivotal for many of us.  It has to do with us calling ourselves a sovereign nation but one that will not control its borders.  It is difficult to give much respect to a nation that will not control its borders and make its towns safe from illegal aliens only 1/2 of which are our neighbors from Mexico.
Then when I saw the lack on interest in President George Herbert Walker Bush as he carried on his non-campaign against soon to become President Clinton.  Then when I watched President George W. Bush become saddened in the presidency.
Who controls our nation and our people?  I have just ordered a book, American Progressivism: A Reader by Ronald J. Pestritto.
Americans are strong, capable people.  We must not allow ourselves to become "wards of the federal government" from cradle-to-grave which is what this massive "rationed health care" is all about.
Have a good day.  Taking a rest now to read a good biography about John Adams by David Muccullough.  Just completed one about Andrew Jackson.  As Americans, we need to be ever mindful that the interest groups and the war between individual rights and federal control, especially through our monetary system, is as old as we are as a nation.
Now one last thought - will you take the H1N1 vaccine on your own or will we be forced to take the injection? 


Blogger Muslims Against Sharia said...

Trailer Trash Bill Warner Has Enlisted in the White House Internet Snitch Brigade

Ever since the White House announced the creation of its Internet Snitch Brigade (, Americans were waiting for Insane P.I. Bill Warner to join it. And today it finally happened! In "ASSASSINATE BARACK OBAMA PLOTS INCREASE TO 10 RACIST RIGHT WING BLOGGERS FUEL WHITE SUPREMISTS (sic.) SECRET SERVICE SHUT EM DOWN by Bill Warner investigator," Warner writes:

"The US Secret Service so needs to investigate "Muslims Against Sharia by Khalim Massoud and Pamela Geller for her Anti-American racist activities on her website, which she operates out of her Manhattan NY apartment, and her incitement to hate by others and the possible murder of President Barack Obama.

Contact and provide information for websites that promote hate and or attacks against the President of the United States Barack Obama.U.S.
Secret Service
New York City Office
335 Adams Street
32nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Telephone: (718) 840-1000"

After pretending to file various lawsuits and complaints with the FBI, USSS, County Court, etc., Insane P.I. Bill Warner decided to employ another tactic. He wants the Internet Snitch Brigade to do his dirty work, to defame people who dare to disagree with Warner's demented rants. Could this trailer trash be more of a Nazi?

We offer our sincere apologies to trailer trash for comparing them with Bill Warner.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Igor said...

Obama qualifications to reform health care:

No birth certificate

Can not stop smoking

Difficulty telling the truth.

Narcissistic personality disorder.

Therefore, I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at

Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama vs Igor Care

6:54 PM  
Blogger Igor said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Neither Muslims against Sharia nor I advocate violence and certainly we do not advocate harm coming to our president. I make it a policy to delete comments that I have gotten from Muslim sites that have said some very anti-the president remarks.

As a citizen of the United States of America, I can agree to disagree with our president's policies and folks can disagree with me. We have mechanisms such as elections to return, remove, or send elected officials to government offices.

7:58 AM  

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