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Obama to gut Medicare and fillet Grandpa? Say it isn't so!

From the CIA World Factbook:  here.  The first figure is the estimated total population of the United States, not including illegal aliens roughly estimated as 20,000,000 who are using many of our resources.  The resources they use here are not reimbursed to the states and the dollar amount is not deducted from the money we send to their respective nations.  
Please note that there is no category for Hispanic as you read on into the population information.  Hispanics are actually counted in the "white" percentage and the so-called "white" group is not classified as non-Hispanic white.  So the 79% of the population that you see as "white" includes the estimated 15% of those counted as Hispanic.  Hispanics originated from Europeans who settled throughout South and Central America and therefore are as European in ancestry as the non-Hispanic white group. 
I have not gone to the census to determine the ethnic breakdown of those over 65 in the population age group;  nor have I researched the number of those over 55 in the 15 to 64 age group, many of whom are considered "seniors."
The issue is how many Americans stand to die when Obama reduces benefits to Seniors and denies them medical coverage that they have worked to earn.  His planned reduction of Medicare benefits is a direct breaking of a government promise to the American people.  About 38 million Americans will have their lives in Obama's hands if his "rationed non-health care" is passed.  The number is probably higher to account for the disabled and for those in the 15 to 64 age group.
I wonder how many of those 38 million would have voted for Obama had they known what he has in mind for them.  
I know, I'm all wrong but the only way to reduce medical costs is 1) to deny medical care and 2) reduce the number of Americans who need Medicare.  But like Oregon, there is always euthanasia:  Barbara Wagner's Story - Hospice or Assisted Suicide.  In America?
Oregon, after treating her to one series of chemotherapy, suggested physician-assisted suicide when Oregon decided her life wasn't valuable enough to spend more money on for her health care.  Treating Barbara was not considered "cost-effective."  Read the story if you can.  Here is a quotation:

Twice Barbara appealed the ruling. Twice Oregon denied her treatment.

Government compassion sounds so noble when first introduced. In fact, this well-intentioned motive fueled the creation of the State-sponsored health plan that now denied Barbara’s treatment. As "we the people" become more and more reliant on the government, inch by precious inch, liberty slips away. Citizens become powerless in dependency. Seduced by sweet words of compassion, the welfare of the State silently usurps the wellbeing of the individual citizen. Secure in the belief that government will care for them, many Americans slumber in complacency until one day, "we the people" awake to find liberty lost.

Is Barbara's story what we want for America?  How do you Baby Boomers and folks in the Greatest Generation feel about Barbara's story?  How about the folks who demonstrated against the state-ordered murder of Terri Schiavo
You realize, of course, that by supporting or voting for Obama's Denial of Medical Care, you are also voting for the extermination of your own children and grandchildren should they reach the time in life when the government does not consider their lives "cost-effective."
God help us!  Where are our morals?  Where is our sense of decency?  While we slumber, liberty tiptoes away, as was said of the fog in San Francisco, on "tiny cat's paws."  
Population info from CIA World Factbook:
307,212,123 (July 2009 est.)
country comparison to the world: 4
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
0-14 years: 20.2% (male 31,639,127/female 30,305,704)
15-64 years: 67% (male 102,665,043/female 103,129,321)
65 years and over: 12.8% (male 16,901,232/female 22,571,696) (2009 est.)
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
total: 36.7 years
male: 35.4 years
female: 38 years (2009 est.)
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
0.975% (2009 est.)
country comparison to the world: 129
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
13.82 births/1,000 population (2009 est.)
country comparison to the world: 153
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
8.38 deaths/1,000 population (July 2009 est.)
country comparison to the world: 102
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.18%, two or more races 1.61% (July 2007 estimate)
note: a separate listing for Hispanic is not included because the US Census Bureau considers Hispanic to mean a person of Latin American descent (including persons of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin) living in the US who may be of any race or ethnic group (white, black, Asian, etc.); about 15.1% of the total US population is Hispanic
According to, around 40,000,000 Americans are over 65.  Reducing their numbers through the denial of medical care, to which they are chained and for which they have worked, would certainly cut costs.  For those 55 and older, the number is around 70,000,000 including those over 65.
Mr. Obama could cut costs here;  yes sir, he certainly could.
As it is your "duty to die," how many boomers and those over 65 are standing in line for their opportunity to do their "duty" on behalf of the children, those not aborted, saddled with the debt of Mr. Obama's first 6 months in office.  

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Blogger Bobillw said...

Obama to gut Medicare and fillet Grandpa? Say it isn't so!

"IT ISN'T SO", Read my lips, "IT ISN'T SO."

And all the distortions and misrepresentations of the health care reform bill, together with attempts to disrupt reasonable discussion "WON'T MAKE IT SO." Aren't you glad (I am) that we live in a country where even radicals and extremists can say just about anything they wish to? Ours is a great country, and I'm genuinely glad that the second amendment protects free speech.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Bobillw said...

From Carl Sandburg's Chicago Poems:


THE fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Virginia Beach said...

Hi, I have blogged about Barbara Wagner, and other end-of-life and disability issues, here:

Please feel free to share, & keep up the good work!!!


7:17 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Someone else said, Read my lips, too and we saw what that got us. It's fun really because, if the distortions were true, that would take the pressure off of terrorists to kill us. Our own government could wipe out a few of the infidels with no cost to the terrorists.

Politics is so funny; it's like a never-ending soap opera. Absolutely boring...

Thank you, Mark.

I have seen the fog roll in over San Francisco and it is an amazing sight to see - like a high ocean wave perched on the shoreline. Stunning actually.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, I am very glad that the Second Amendment protects the Bill of Rights. However, I don't think a person needs to be labeled radical or extreme if he or she believes in the Constitution of the United States and stands for separation of Church and State, not possible in a Muslin dominated world, and stands for States' Rights.

In America, we can agree to disagree while at the same time defending each other from harm.

As a young black woman working at a 7-11 on 9/11 said to me as I paid my bill - everyone was talking about the terrorists attacks that I was learning of - taking my hand in hers she said, "I'll protect you - we'll keep each other safe." I know she spoke the truth. The terrorists did a lot to bring Americans together that day...

Then I left to go to Dr. Bryant's office to assist his campaign for public office.

2:24 PM  

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