Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CIA investigation above Obama's pay grade

Well, it looks like decisions such at those about whether or not our Justice Department under the direction of that champion of integrity, Eric Holder, should investigate interrogators in the CIA - who keep us safe by the way - are above the pay grade of our president, Mr. Obama.
Note to the CIA - most Americans - aside from the ACLU, the loony left who would come screaming for your heads if we were attacked again by the non-terrorists, the manmade event creator guys, you know the ones - MOST Americans are on your side.
Okay, the LSD thing back in the 60s or so was over the top, but who knew?  How many elected leaders of today tried the LSD of yester-year?  To watch them one would think they are having bad acid trips upon occasion.
You men and women who risk your lives for us, who have to sit in the same room with the terrorist swine and interrogate them in the first place - we are with you.
Politicians come and go.  In America, we call it "elections" and the next one is in 2010.
Keep up your good work.  Keep fighting for us.  Your "political" appointees come and go as well so keep us safe.  And since you technically work for me and for the defense of my family, I want you to do what you need to do.  What's a few caterpillars or a Lady Bug or two among friends?  
And I can't believe you were brazen enough to shoot off a gun in a room next to person being interrogated to frighten him into talking.  My goodness, you are risky folks.  
As I recall, an Army Col. shot a gun into an empty drum next to the ear of a man who was being interrogated in Iraq and that got the man talking.  Just so happens the Col. saved not only his own life but the lives of some of his personnel with the knowledge he gained.
CIA does not stand for WIMP.  Leave the "wimp" stuff to the guys who don't have "defending our nation" in their oath of office or within their pay grade.


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