Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Obama Care: Death Camps for elderly, disabled, and terminally ill

In England, terminally ill patients are made to die prematurely. Kate Devlin has a good article published in the Daily Telegraph of London: Sentenced to death on the NHS. NHS is their national health program or overseeing board. But that is not all:
Under NHS guidelines introduced across England to help doctors and medical staff in dealing with dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away.
This is what is planned for us in America.  Regardless of Terri Schiavo's mental condition, I have always believed that as a nation we will pay the the government of Florida under COURT orders denied her even the luxury of ice chips.  She was murdered by the state and she didn't get the benefit of a lethal injection.  No, she was starved to death and all fluids were withdrawn.  It took Terri what 12 to 13 days to die under heinous cruelty with no appeals and having committed no crime.  Shame on us!
As we move on in this battle over the government's takeover of 20% of our private sector from aspirins to bedpans, we have to understand and know several facts:
There are only two ways to reduce medicare medical costs:
1) reduce the care
2) reduce the population receiving the care
On the last item, anyone who goes to any emergency room will be treated insurance or not, illegal or native-born unless you are a "non-white Hispanic" then you are on your own.  My experience.
Mr. Obama is coming after baby-boomers and older folks along with people with disabilities - regardless of age.  The health care plan is designed to kill us, of not directly, no that would be too obvious.  The Administration is going to let the hospitals and doctors do that as the Administration cuts back on the level of reimbursement they will give to doctors and hospitals for treatments, testing, and surgeries.
The hospitals and doctors will be forced to reduce our care.
When the hospital admittance folks start writing down your ethnicity, for goodness sake, say Aleutian Native.  Whatever you do, do not identify yourself as "non-Hispanic white."
I don't mean that Mr. Obama is going to march all us into special "death camps" but the reduction of treatment will have the same effect.  Just read the article by Kate Devlin.  
Or have we become so numb that we are automatons just rushing from one place to another blindly doing what the 'telemessiah' directs us to do.  Here's just one of my tiny problems with all the speed at which Obama is trying to destroy our nation - I don't trust him at all.
He is the chief executive of the Illinois thugocracy and nothing will change that except us going out to vote at the polls in November to take away some of his power base in the Senate and the House.  We won't change the executive branch but we may be able to slow them down.
On a lighter note - I hope the tea parties go well and are great in DC on Saturday...


Blogger Ben said...

As I live in Britain I am not affected by the healthcare debate in America. However, as you refer to the NHS I thought I would mention a couple of things about it that you might not be aware of.

1. The whole point is that treatment is freely available to all, regardless of race, wealth or age. No one is ever denied treatment based on their age or infirmity.

2. It is not a socialist system because everyone can access more expensive private healthcare of they wish, just like in America. The only difference is that no one - absolutely no one - ever has to think 'i need to see a doctor but I can't really afford it'.

Regarding the 'two ways to reduce medicare medical costs' point, it is worth bearing on mind that Britain spends less per head on healthcare than the US but has a higher average life expectancy. Perhaps our system works...

7:12 PM  
Blogger Watch Dog said...


Obama and his thugs scream at us that there no mention RASHIONING or DEATH PANELS in the Bill as it now stands.

In a very technical sense, they are correct—those words rationing and death panel do not appear.

However, there are at least 5 places were the Bill sets up a committee or group that will determine who will and will not get treated. If that is not rationing, what is? One committee will determine at what age you are still qualified to receive specific procedures, based on price. It that doesn’t reach both rationing and determination of who lives and who dies (a death panel), what does?

Note: Canada has enacted regulations that are going to terminate any services beyond regular medication for everyone seventy or older.

We will very shortly reach a point where we will have more people using Social Security than are workers paying into Social Security. That is going to a big problem. What better way for the Liberals to fix it than to eliminate as many over 65 as possible? And babies with birth defects? The Healthcare Czar is on record that he favors termination of every person that cannot contribute to the needs of the many.

There is little room for doubt that we have elected a devout Marxist to the Oval Office and has appointed nearly 40 Czars that are elected, vetted, approved by Congress, and authorized anywhere in the Constitution. They are accountable to one other than Obama!

Talk about a Shadow Government!

Do not lose sight of the fact that Obama and sever of his thug Czars admire Hugo Chavez!

Elections may well be a thing of the past and in the very near future~


7:19 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Ben, thank you for your comments about the health care in England. In America, the battle is way beyond the "health care" one receives or doesn't receive. To me the most fearful aspect is that we will all be in a national data base with the level of our health care monitored by our IRS and our tax records made available to Obama's Health Denial Groups or Panels. In America the debate is around "personal" health care but that is the distraction. We should be focusing on the control his plans would spread like a blanket over our freedoms.

12:22 PM  

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