Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama Care: Americans sacrificed on the altar of "health care"

In this debate about the federal taking over 20% of our private industry through their ruthless take over of all health care in the United States, we need to look also at the bureaucracy that will be running or ending your life and mine based own something like "actuarial tables" but not for our longevity but for our early demise. First I want to refer you to an article by Sarah Palin: Obama and the Bureaucratization of Health Care. And next to a comment from Watch Dog at Mindless and Spineless, a fellow blogger: Obama and his thugs scream at us that there no mention RATIONING or DEATH PANELS in the Bill as it now stands.In a very technical sense, they are correct—those words rationing and death panel do not appear. However, there are at least 5 places were the Bill sets up a committee or group that will determine who will and will not get treated. If that is not rationing, what is? One committee will determine at what age you are still qualified to receive specific procedures, based on price. If that doesn’t reach both rationing and determination of who lives and who dies (a death panel), what does? Note: Canada has enacted regulations that are going to terminate any services beyond regular medication for everyone seventy or older. We will very shortly reach a point where we will have more people using Social Security than are workers paying into Social Security. That is going to a big problem. What better way for the Liberals to fix it than to eliminate as many over 65 as possible? And babies with birth defects? The Health Care Czar is on record that he favors termination of every person that cannot contribute to the needs of the many. There is little room for doubt that we have elected a devout Marxist to the Oval Office who has appointed nearly 40 Czars that are not elected, vetted, or approved by Congress, or authorized anywhere in the Constitution. They are accountable to no one other than Obama!  Talk about a Shadow Government! Do not lose sight of the fact that Obama and several of his thug Czars admire Hugo Chavez! Elections may well be a thing of the past and in the very near future~.....(end) We should consider that the demographics of those over 55 or over 65 are probably more heavily skewed toward one ethnic group.  My guess is that the Baby Boomers are more skewed to a given ethnic group, probably any folks with European heritage.   We know that Mr. Obama's Health Care Czar favors infanticide and going after those over 65 could - with flights of fancy - meet their maker under what Sarah Palin's noted as "death panels" built into the bureaucracy.  But surely, no one would dare consider the notion of genocide or "ethnic cleansing" under the guise of a "health care" program.   That would be outrageous, a horrible thought to even "dare" to think but it would cut medical costs.  Outrageous; could NEVER happen in America...  


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