Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama: USA the new USSR; Congress no longer a check on the Executive

Under our Dear Leader, Mr. Obama, the USA is on a fast track to become the old USSR without the extended territories of all of those "stans" bordering Russia.  Their population was cut to around 143 million and capitalism of a form moved in.  Members of the Russian mob who haven't migrated to New York or Miami are doing well in the new Russia but on to...
Jeb Hensarling has an article in the Washington Post, Hensarling:  Punishing Consumers to 'protect' them that is a must read because it just goes to show the intrusion into our lives and into our individual freedom for decision making.  
We won't even get into the overt and stealth attacks against small businesses and the private sector where jobs are being lost.  See some of what Harry Alfords, president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce has to say.
Can you find a thermometer today with mercury in it?  Nope.  
But our 'ever so conscious of your safety' Dear Leader's Administration is now demanding that we all will soon no longer have the choice to purchase SAFE light bulbs.  That's right.  In no time at all, we will be FORCED through government fiat to use mercury-filled light bulbs that practically require a HAZMAT team to come to your home if you break one of these bulbs.
How can that happen?  Simple; the safe light bulbs will be removed from our shelves.
Follow the money and I'll bet Algore has financial holdings in companies that make the "new" REQUIRED light bulbs.
That is what the takeover of the automobile industry is all about.  Eventually telling us what cars to buy by removing our choice of automobiles and eventually limiting what cars we can buy.  Wanna go to Cuba - they have plenty of good 56 Chevys...
And medical care.  Don't be fooled by the smooth words of our Dear Leader helpless without His teleprompter, Mr. Obama.  There will be no choice and limited or restricted coverage based on government edicts.  You will be denied coverage at some point or stage in your life AND every thing you now buy will soon be out of your price-range when hyper-inflation kicks in in 2010.
Time is short.  In the 2010 Election, we must elect Representatives and Senators who will protect us and who will fight for maintaining their role in the Checks and Balances.  And all the while, as Jeb Hensarling points out, the Obama Administration is making Congress, under the leadership (?) of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, irrelevant as He moves to have His administration destroy the "balance of powers" our Founding Fathers established.
In the 2010 Election, I'm supporting Representatives and Senators who are conservatives be they conservative Republicans or Blue Dog Democrats.  Without violence and through our election process, our Dear Leader Tzar in the White House must be stopped or have his wings clipped.
Your rights as individuals and the rights of our respective States are being marginalized every day by our Dear Leader... 

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