Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sotomayor: Hispanics should question her racism!

Here are some Sunday Funnies from our Fourth of July Independence Day:  Sunday Funnies and one from Sunday Funnies from Hammering Sparks - Sparks from the Anvil.
The cartoons are funny but here's the thing.  With a justice nominee who is so avowed as a racist who in one case discriminated against non-Hispanic white and Hispanic white firefighters, one cannot tell upon whom she'll lay her discriminating racist finger next time.  Will it be Hispanic white men in favor of Hispanic white women?  
The Hispanic white folks and the non-Hispanic white folks are clearly the majority in the nation.  Formerly known as "white" folks are now known as "non-Hispanic white" so that they will NEVER be considered a minority even if there are only two of them left.
With a woman who clearly says she is a racist through her rulings, Hispanic white folks cannot be certain that she will favor them.  In the firefighter case, she did not;  she ruled against the ones who passed the test with their non-Hispanic white fellow firefighters because she had to do that to punish the non-Hispanic white firefighters.
Be very careful, my Hispanic brothers and sisters.  Sotomayor is not qualified and she is not a friend of "equal justice for all."  Be careful.
The best thing we could do for our unity is to rid the census of any ethnic identification - strip it from our federal and state forms.  If the government won't do that, maybe we'll have to do that by declaring ourselves as "Americans".  Isn't that what we are?  We were on 9/11.



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