Thursday, July 09, 2009

CIA and briefings to Congress - Don't do it!

And so it goes on - the Dems bashing the CIA once again.  To save Nancy Pelosi's face by saying that the CIA misled Congress...good grief.
Before the CIA should brief ANYONE in Congress - House or Senate - background checks should be done on the "elected" folks before our CIA trusts many of those folks with our national secrets.  I can name at least 10 Representatives I wouldn't tell anything.
Be real!  Who could trust a Speaker or others in either side of the Congress?  
I look to the CIA to work to keep us safe.  I may be naive but I'll trust my CIA before I'd trust many of the jelly-brained, loud mouth talkers in the House or the Senate.  Remember, the folks learning about CIA operations are the same folks who did not oversee Freddie and Fanny.
How much have you lost in your IRA or 401K due to the negligence or perhaps even - oh my goodness - criminal behavior by omission of oversight of some in the House or Senate?  The Community Reinvestment Act is criminal in and of itself and how about that ACORN group and all the money they get from our tax dollars. 
My money is on our CIA.  So for goodness sake, I would beg CIA to brief very carefully, but not fully, only the people who pass the background checks - for the safety of all of us.
Just one woman's opinion.  I don't trust many of the representatives or senators.  I see no reason why CIA should trust them.
But the fracas does give President Obama one more thing to apologize to the world for.  Most recently he has said we have not met our responsibilities.  Exactly what responsibilities of the United States have we not met?  Saving Europe TWICE perhaps.  No, he's talking about the hoax of "global warming."  I wonder how much money Big Algore is making on that train of propaganda?
I ask the CIA to do your job.  You work for us and so do the Congressmen and Senators.  I trust you far more.  Thank you for all you do for us and thank you for doing your work knowing you can never receive the thanks of an appreciative citizenry.
Thank you for risking your lives on our behalf...


Blogger R-R-R said...

It's more than a little obvious that Panetta got orders from Team Obama to cover for Queen Nancy's BS-spree... but their are other centers of power at Langley that won't stand for this rubbish.

Pelosi was every bit as informed on the decision to us EITs as were the GOP… but is now lying about it in an attempt to appease the antiwar left and fulfill specious campaign posturing.

And apparently Pelosi and Obama forgot something: the CIA KILLS people… it’s in their job description. Did these two really think that these killers were going to just meekly take-one-for-the-team… when the team captain is a lying, incompetent, arrogant nebbish who has basically told them they need to kiss his ring? -please

Obama really kicked an ant hill with his ill-advised and politically motivated release of Bush Administration memos regarding EITs.

Let’s have a hearing and get it all out there, shall we? Then watch the rats scatter who attacked Bush for protecting the country from terrorist attack… but who clearly knew what was going on five years before we heard a peep out of them.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

R-R-R, yeh for CIA. Yes, for the actual operatives we have today in the field; I heard we had 14,000 desk folks and about 800 field operatives. Of course, many of those 14,000 are analysts, etc so not knocking them.

Yes, Langley is good but so is Camp Perry. It is a no-fly zone on maps used by general aviation pilots - big thick black and white diagonal lines. I took the wrong turn one night off of I-64 and ended up right slam at the gate at Camp Perry. Reverse is a very good gear to have.

Speaking of agencies that have agencies that have agencies that know how to do stuff, a guy stole the cab of an 18-wheeler and was fleeing on the DC beltway, took an off ramp and went careening across the main street. In seconds he was up against those car-stopping thingys and some very heavily armed men. He took the wrong turn to make his escape. Whoops.

8:06 AM  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I can't believe Pelosi has weathered this storm...

After she killed the follow up press conference after accusing the CIA of habitual lying to Congress the previous week, the media gave up the pressure on her.

Her career should be over, yet there she sits in higher office, still.

The timing of the release of the letter that Dems sent to Panetta suggests they are trying to get the CIA to expand the number of lawmakers who are briefed by CIA actions.

Think of how many leaks happened over the last 8 years; and how Dems like Rockefeller politicized intell information.

11:10 AM  

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