Sunday, June 28, 2009

Obama Care Explained: License to kill through care denied

Aside from the fact that hardly anyone who votes on Obama Rationed NON-health care, the explanation is simple.
First your doctor says you need a medical procedure or medicine;  the care is denied;  and then you die.
No muss, no fuss, and note to Baby Boomers and older folks or folks with disabilities:  get your affairs in order if you have any affairs left, meaning property.  You'll be the first recipients of Obama Care.
But don't worry about your Senators, your Representative, or Mr. Obama's family - they won't have to go on the government's program that will be forced upon us.
Or maybe the government will do like they did in an old science fiction TV show.  Everyone had a number tattooed on their arm, let's say.  When their number was called, they just walked into the tubes and were jettisoned into outer space.
Yeehaw!  What a guy!


Blogger fmosley said...

I think our health care fiasco is best summed up in the lyrics of a fine toe-tapper called "All-American Sucker" at

2:58 AM  

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