Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama Care: license to kill legalized by legislation

Please call your Congressman and your Senators and ask them to vote NO or AGAINST the Obama Health Care plan.
There are two things going on here and they are not pretty.  This is how I see it and I could be all wrong but I don't think so.  The current administration is moving to fast and our representatives aren't even reading the bills they are voting on.
1)  Nationalized Database.  Not everyone in America pays taxes and therefore does not file a 1040.  Admittedly, many of us are on any number of databases but one thing the Obama Death Plan will do is put ALL of us into one national database from birth to death.  
All of our medical prescriptions that we have filled now are compiled in a national database in Missouri.  Under a NATIONALIZED health care program, we will ALL be entered into the national database; and once "rationed" health care is put into law, how fast do you think your company will shutdown their health care benefits?
2)  Denial of Health Care will cut costs.  Starting with seniors (baby boomers and older), they will be denied health care according to federal guidelines.  Make no mistake, if you are elderly and on medicare, I'll place my money on the bet that at some point your care will be denied or prescribed minimally.  Having paid into the system all of your working life, you will probably be denied care when you reach a given age or when you contract a given condition.  The only way the government can cut medical costs is to have fewer people getting or receiving health care.  
The handicapped and disabled who watched Terri Shiavo being killed due to inaction by the highest officials in the State of Florida through starvation and dehydration expressed fear that their lives would not be valued and they could suffer the same fate.  
One person's opinion:  Obama and the House and Senate Democrats and Republicans who vote for his "rationing of health care" will vote into law legislation that will put your fate in the hands of a GS-4 Admin person just following a checklist.
There is no free lunch and if you are young and reading this;  you may say, "Well, I don't want to pay to keep all those older folks alive...."  Maybe not but first those older folks gave birth to you and second you may one day become one of those "older folks."
The Obama Rationing Care program will be the final nail that drives "freedom" from the United States of America.  We will become a fully Socialist nation.
When you are pleading for a doctor to give care to your aging parent or grandparent, save your tears and your pleas.  Like the NAZI war criminals said at their trials, "They were just following orders..."  Watch your loved one die through care denied and remember that the little GS-4 following the checklist is only following orders...
We are Americans.  We can solve problems.  No one who goes to an emergency room is denied care - except for myself upon one occasion while having plenty of insurance.
Don't give up your freedom for false promises.  Call your Congressman and Senators and beg them to vote NO on legislation that would effectively legalize the killing of Americans through the denial of health care.
And who said in America that a 20 year old couldn't make his own decision whether to have health care or not?
Very quickly now it seems that our freedom to make choices about many things in our lives is coming to an end.
We will have the trappings of "freedom" but once that NATIONALIZED health care goes into effect, our freedoms are gone;  our freedoms to make choices over our own health... 
It would be interesting to know if gender, ethnicity, or other factors would come into play regarding who receives health care and who doesn't...but that we will never know.
I have called my Representative and my Senators.  How about you?  


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