Saturday, July 11, 2009

Radical Islam working to silence criticism

At the International Civil Liberties Alliance, you will find a video - playing time, about 45 minutes - which all of us interested in freedom of speech must/should listen to:  Libel Lawfare:  Silencing Criticism of Radical Islam.  This is when the radical Muslims use our laws against us and they use dupes such as Rep. John Conyers to sponsor an initial non-binding resolution - H.Res. 288 - the plan is one incremental step at a time.  Conyers' resolution was about freedom of religion in which Islam was the "religion of choice" mentioned often in terms of not criticizing its teachings.  This example is only the tip of the planned LEGAL WARFARE against America.
Just one man's comments, edited for highlights - Douglas Murray, one of the speakers on the panel, mentioned that "The EU is a monstrosity...  So many layers of government that no one knows who is governing...  The EU should be wrecked...  and the tall buildings torn down never to be raised again..."
At least one cool head in Europe.  Sounds sort of like Obama Rationed Health Care where there will be so many levels of decision making, no one will get care and if they do, it will not be enough.  And whatever care you do get will be the "decision of somebody else."  I can see a "whole lot of finger pointing going on."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shades of Christmas future!

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