Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to vote for racist Sotomayor

In this past election, I begged you folks in South Carolina NOT to re-elect Senator Graham because he really goes where the wind blows.
Just heard him say that he was voting for the affirmative action, racist Sotomayor to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.  Good grief!
Had to include this:  Sunday Funnies from Hammering Sparks - Sparks from the Anvil  with H/T to Flopping Aces' Sunday Funnies for July 4th.
Any Republican who votes for her is affirming "institutionalized discrimination."  I thought Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. died to end that.
Any Republican who votes for Sotomayor needs to be removed from the Senate.  You can't count Snow and Collins - they are not Republicans;  their Maine voters just think they are.  At least we got rid of Arlen "magic bullet" Specter.
According to Sotomayor, she is an "affirmative action" college entrant and all up the line she admits to not being qualified.  Her skin color and gender got her admitted into college.  What a badge of honor, knowing that you are second rate and that you "took" the college spot of a more qualified American citizen.
Do we want "affirmative action" folks in office?  Obviously.  According to the last election, we want ill-qualified folks in the highest offices in the land.  We're beginning to see how that's working for us.  And the poor folks who voted for Obama solely based on his 1/2 black skin color are soon going to pay for their folly because like any potentate/dictator, he'll raise not their taxes, they don't pay any.  He'll raise the prices for everything else they use from water to food to heating fuel.
But on Sotomayor:
Soon affirmative action will be in full view once again with Ms. Sotomayor, the Associate Supreme Court Justice nominee, who demonstrated full-frontal racism against American firefighters who actually passed a test.
For me, that one decision of Sotomayor's disqualifies her from a seat on the Supreme Court.
I wonder if it is possible that the folks who did not pass the test didn't study for it?  Nah, that could never happen but the non-Hispanic white and the Hispanic firefighters as well as a few non-white as well as non-Hispanic firefighters did pass the test and they were all rewarded with punishment - no promotions.  Thank God the existing Supreme Court overturned Sotomayor's ruling.
Sotomayor has admitted that she received her education due to 'affirmative action' because her test scores were not as high as those of other college applicants;  she is proud to have taken the place in college over another American who was more qualified.  Shame on her.  That woman does not belong on the Supreme Court.  At least she admits she's racist and unqualified.
And soon she will be on the Supreme Court - an unqualified, racist female.  And Lindsey Graham is going to assure that that happens.  How many more Republican Senators will vote for "institutionalized discrimination?"  
Note to Democrat and Republican Senators who vote for "institutionalized racism and discrimination":  your vote will be in violation of your oath of office to uphold the Constitution.  But how can you uphold an oath to a document that you have shredded, especially under Mr. Obama?
Plus, Sotomayor's been overturned 66%, H/T Blue Collar Republican (you'll like the pictures in this link) and Gateway Pundit's Seek and Destroy Firefighters.
Remember we Conservatives came out against President George W. Bush's nominee, Harriet "I need a few weeks to study up on Constitution law" Miers.  We did that because she was unqualified.  We didn't believe in "affirmative action" nominees regardless of party backing.
Are you brave enough to stand up against Obama and against a justice nominee who acts to create law and to uphold "institutionalized racism?"  Is that what America has come to?  That in America today, not everyone can achieve their dreams through hard work and integrity.  Only avowed racist "minority" women of certain ideological leanings have a chance at the "American Dream."
And don't talk to me about Hispanics on the court.  Whatever happened to Miguel Estrada, a Bush appointee to a Circuit Court?  The Democrats didn't even give him a chance.
No, we're in the time-warp of Animal Farm with some two-legs more equal than other two-legs.

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