Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blue Dog Democrats: Stop Obama, the Grim Reaper

I am calling upon all Blue Dog Democrats and conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives and in the Senate to STOP Obama in his Marxist tracks as he marches the greatest nation on earth and her people into the death camps of "managed/rationed = limited" medical care.  More on the Blue Dog Democrats here.
Contact your Representative and Senators to save yourselves and perhaps other loved ones.  There is "no FREE" lunch.  This lurch into Socialism and the loss of individual freedoms has been going on throughout the 1900s.  Only you can help by calling your representatives.
Just a few minutes ago, at around 5:30PM, Rep. Broun from Georgia, a medical doctor, declared that Mr. Obama's rationing medical plan will "kill people" by denying them care or by extending the time they have to wait for care until it is too late for care.  Further, that the relationship between you and your doctor will no longer have the integrity it has today because a Washington bureaucrat will make medical decisions effecting you and your life and medical care. 
In six months, He has nationalized our auto industry, capped executive salaries, snookered the banks into TARP loan money to nationalize the banks, and demonized the financial segments of private industry that fuel capitalism.
The only jobs being created today are under government programs such as ACORN - now that is one to be afraid of but Glenn Beck is handling that one for us.
For the love of God and for the love of our nation's people, STOP the man who wants the government to determine whether you live or die by denying you and any designated other Americans the medical care we have paid for all of our working lives and are still paying for.
And SHAME on the hospitals that charges $15.00 for one aspirin.  People, take your own aspirin, Kleenex, and body lotion to the hospital.  That's what a friend of mine does.
I ask you, our elected representatives to STOP Mr. Obama, the Grim Reaper with his blazing red sickle and hammer, who is working as hard as he can to destroy this nation and killing jobs.  Remember, high inflation is supposed to be right around the corner, so all the poor folks who voted for Mr. Obama, know that the cost of every product you will be buying will be priced at or above your ability to buy it.
Picture Mr. Obama as one of Harry Potter's Dementors and you'll get an idea of what Mr. Obama is working hard to do to this nation - suck the life-blood out of it through NATIONALIZED programs everywhere you look.
At the very least, we MUST slow down the wheels of government under this administration so that we can have time to read the legislation and to comment on it and so that we will know how passage will cost us all our chance at the American Dream and end our individual freedoms once and for all.  It will be hard to "unring" the death knell of the medical rationing legislation.
I feel like we are marching backwards into a Russia at the time when the only cars available were pathetic government-made putt-putts, where food was in short supply, and all the rest.  Read the new book, Stalin.
If we want to spend money on something, then let's spend it on NASA and a Journey to Mars.  Why?  Our next generation will be educated with scientists, mathematicians, and filled with the creative soul of ingenuity that is AMERICA.  Right now, we are 19th among industrialized nations.  No wonder our Grim Reaper is having so much rapid success.  19th - our children score 19th among other nations' children.  How embarrassing is that, NEA?
Let's do that for our children...  Let's give them pride, an honorable goal, and self-esteem.  A reason to keep America and her people as premier in the world of math and science.  
 *Just a note on medical care for illegals.  I watched a TV show not too long ago about a huge clinic in LA - as I recall - that serviced Hispanic illegals with certain conditions.   The lady doctor who is world-renowned in her field, had to have an interpreter when working with her patients.  Only in America.

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Blogger Snow White said...

You know in Italy, you have to bring everything to the hospital, even the water you drink...I do not see a problem with that and think it is time we started but I also see from the price differences for a valve replacement in the states vs Italy as being 50 thousand Euros vs. 250 to 300 thousand dollars. We have a problem in the states, too many people are trying to make money vs just pure care. Loving your posts here!! I keep sending them on to my friends.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Snow White: love your name. I used it for years back in the days of CB radios. I was called Snow White and the truckers added "with her little dog blue".

Very glad you enjoy the posts. I hope you have read a few of the most favorite and have searched for selected words such as "shuttle diplomacy", and so forth. Since July 2006, I've only written 1300 posts. I have not posted every day. Sometimes the news is just too nonsensical.

Have a good day and thank you. I need all the readership I can get. Makes the posting more rewarding.

9:30 AM  

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