Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama Care: H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Care Act of 2009

Here is a link to the text of the 111th Congress' H.R. 3200:  America's Affordable Health Care Act of 2009.
Read it for yourself or read sections based on your interest.  
A suggestion, print out the table of contents and then check off sections as you read them.  If you go to your Representative's town hall meetings during the August break, print out the section pages that concern you and take them to the town hall meetings so that you can ask questions as informed citizenry.
In their most nightmarish dreams, some could see this legislation as leading to acts of genocide or racial, ethnic cleansing.  If not that, legislation designed to put every American in the nation under the thumb of the federal government's Executive Branch in far more draconian ways than any other database we have.
Thanks to the Blue Dog Democrats for giving us, 'we the people', a chance to read this "Duty to die" legislation for ourselves.
This legislation is the last straw for our Dear Leader Obama.  As you read sections of the legislation take a hard look at how the bill's rules once implemented will intrude into your own life.  This legislation should be 'dead on arrival.'  
This is personal, ladies and gentlemen.  Personal and it should arrive or stay in committee in both the House and the Senate with the letters - DNR, Do NOT Resuscitate,  stamped in red across the front.  Another option we have personally is to be clear with our loved ones about the care we want to receive at our natural 'end of life' stage and one choice should be AND, Allow a natural death, that we choose not that a D.C. bureaucrat or a committee decides.
Planned Parenthood, in its days of conception, was purportedly designed to reduce the children of African descent.  Is Obama care designed to rid the nation of another ethnic group or groups?  I don't know but anything that separates you from your personal doctor and/or forces you into government run - now that's an oxymoron - is not good for you.  Think AMTRAK.
You think you're just a number under your Social Security Number - stand back - 'you ain't seen nothing yet,' as Mr. Obama said about "Chains" - I mean CHANGE and the fundamental CHANGE he wanted to bring to America.
Is this the CHANGE you voted for?  Mr. Obama fooled us with the Stimulus Bill and pushing it through with no review.  Is that transparency in government?  Don't let him do it again.
You can find the co-sponsors of the legislation in the House, here.

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