Friday, June 26, 2009

Obama Care: License to deny care

Americans do not need socialized medicine otherwise known as rationed health care.  Do you want a GS4 pay grade admin government clerk deciding whether or not you or a member of your family gets the care you need depending on criteria unrelated to your health?
Such as age:  you need a knee replacement.  Sorry, Mr. Jones, you are 70 years old, no knee replacement for you.  But don't worry, we'll give those funds to care for our newly minted citizens, formerly illegal aliens.  The theory is that we need to legalize the illegals to pay for the health care.  Perhaps had we not fallen for the killing of 53,000,000 preborn Americans, we wouldn't need the illegals.
We are Americans.  I agree that hospitals charging anywhere from $8.00 up for one aspirin is outrageous that is why a friend of mine takes her own lotion, aspirin, and kleenex to the hospital when she has needed surgery.
As Americans, we can solve our health care issues through private industry.  Medical folks are forced to charge above what insurance will pay and we are removed from the process because we only see the bills after the fact.
A friend of mine, a young friend, is undergoing chemo, very serious cancer that usually strikes children.  During each day of one week of treatment, she gets two shots in drip bags in addition to the other meds she gets in larger drip bags.  The small bags containing the two shots are each the size of a folded sandwich baggie.  Each of those "shots" costs $7,876.00.  Multiply by two and that is the cost for those shots for one of the five days of treatment so multiply by 10 and you get $78,760.00 just for those shots during the week.  I don't remember the cost for the other chemo she gets daily during that one week.
In America, our chemical / drug companies can't do better than $7,876.00 for one "shot."  These have to be manufactured in bulk.
And another case I remember dealt with Cipro (sp) the drug folks were taking during Anthrax scare.  In America, we paid $110.00 for a 10-day supply.  In India, people were paying $10.00 for the same exact 10-day supply.  Hmmm....
With all due respect to Mr. Obama, I don't want a GS4 denying me medical care because he/she is using a government-printed check list.  My family with the doctor can make the decisions when it is time to "pull the plug" but I don't want the government - through Obama Care - to be given the license to kill through the denial of health care.
Make no mistake, Mr. Obama's Rationed non-Health Care is the biggest gift to big business that big corporations will have received in decades.  They'll dump their health care plans as quickly as possible.  And we will be forced in the government control of all aspects of our lives forever.  There is nothing more personal to us than the care of our health.  
And yes, you will be denied health care or medical procedures will be stalled and some of us will die for lack of health care.  That's the truth.  It is happening in Britain and perhaps in Canada.
All of your private, medical history is not being computerized so forget doctor-patient confidentiality.
Many young men and women in the early to mid 20s do not want or choose to have health care from personal choice and they do not always see the need to have health care. 
We are Americans.  Working together with the private sector without the intrusion of government, we can find a better way and maintain our dignity.
No one is denied health care in America.  I know.  I had to go to an emergency room.  I had insurance.  I had high blood pressure of 234 over something.  I was hooked up to vital signs monitors and NEVER saw a doctor in 1 and 1/2 hours.  Others had doctors seeing them all around me.  I walked out of the emergency room with my shoes under my arm in my tennis socks never having seen a doctor.  I just pulled the monitor things off and walked out to drive 45 miles home so that I could rest and see my primary care doctor.
People in the waiting room who were not like me, a non-Hispanic white woman, were seen very quickly.  
So, call your Representative and Senators and ask them to vote NO on Obama Care, government's license to kill through denial of treatment.  We have to have the freedom to make medical decisions for ourselves with our doctors.
Obama Care will destroy our medical system and we'll get care as decided from D.C.  Cold and impersonal but the denial of care will lead to more deaths and less treatment and combined that should cut the costs.
Like Terri Schiavo's defenseless situation, do you really trust the government and courts to make sound decisions regarding your health and your life?  My apologies to Terri Schiavo's mother, father, and brother and sister for using her name but her case is the most heinous, individual miscarriage of compassion and justice I have ever witnessed in America.  
An innocent woman, defenseless with a family who wanted to care for her, was denied all liquid, even ice chips, and starved to death over 13 to 14 days in AMERICA.  Shame on us...
There is no free lunch and there is no free medical care without the possibility of serious risks to our health.
Keep in mind that "government" rationed health care has no feelings;  it is a nameless, faceless person behind a desk following a checklist.
And who risks being denied health care first?  The BABY BOOMERS!  You betcha! 


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