Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rush Limbaugh's suggested Teaching vs Listening Tours

Rush Limbaugh's The Limbaugh Letter, June 2009, has just come out and has articles for all of us to read and absorb.  The first is "We need a Teaching Tour, Not a Listening Tour" upon which I intend to focus my attention for this post.
I agree with Rush, we don't need any whimpy, namby, pamby "listening" tours.  Good gracious!  Didn't anyone LISTEN at the Tea Parties?  Americans are together on this one.  The WON is spending more money than we can print and Americans know we are BROKE.  And now this Illinois Mafia Administration wants to bailout the International Monetary Fund as well as European Banks.  With what?  Monopoly money?
Within the June 2009 edition is an interview with Ed Morrissey who is a blogger at Hot Air.  I include a link here to one of his posts.  Act now to stop bailout for the IMF, European Banks by Ed Morrissey of Hot Air.  In his interview with Rush, Morrissey mentions that "we need to focus on national security and fiscal responsibility and smaller government - really, truly smaller government...."  Yes, but...
I suggest we need to be more basic in our "teaching" tour.  We need this "teaching" tour to be a unifying tour that "teaches" our strengths and reinforces the strengths upon which our nation was founded.  We also need to "teach" that the battle between larger centralized government vs individual freedoms and responsibilities along with States' Rights is a long-time battle.  Nothing is new.  As Americans we need to know that.
Here are a few suggestions that I have put together for the Conservative "teaching" tour.  In this, I would also highlight a number of Republican conservative leaders who should have parts throughout the presentation.  And if there is time for discussion, it should be at the end.  Also, no handouts until the presentation has been concluded.
The presentation should be clear, focused, and avoid becoming bogged down in complexities.  I mention a handout package to be given out at the end.  That packet should also include a page of website links that would enhance personal research.
So, to my general suggestions for the "teaching" tour.  I leave the details to the men and women with the scope of knowledge - just keep it on track.  Tell us what you're going to tell us;  tell us; and tell us what you told us - basic teaching and presentation format.
To begin at the beginning:
1)  Types of governments:  oligarchies; dictatorships; democracy (mob rule); representative republic (U.S. Constitution established); tyranny...  (just contrast a couple for emphasis such as Mr. Obama's current 16 czars and counting who are responsible to no one but him.)
2) Our representative republic - three branches of government and checks and balances.  Why we are NOT a democracy which is MOB rule but a representative republic.
3) The on-going battle between State's Rights and Individual Rights vs Centralized Central Planning Government, growing more Soviet-style by the day (on-going since our founding)  Essentially, there is nothing new;  just different ways of creating crisis that divide us.  
4) Goals and principles of Conservatism with the importance of the role of individual rights and responsibilities and finally;
5)  The principles that bring us, Americans, together - individual rights and individual freedoms NOT the collective that crushes the individual to death under mountains of bureaucracy, better known as paperwork.  NOT Hillary Health Care that will be rationed health care that means costs will be cut because Americans will be left to die under RATIONED health care.
6)  Perhaps, if time allows, how class warfare is used to destroy access to the American Dream for everyone - the rich, the poor, and the middle class is ground into powder.  
7)  Essential - Suggestions and/or guidelines that will help the participants know how to move forward at their local, state, and federal level to take our nation back from the Progressives (Liberals) in both parties who have worked mightily for decades - close to 100 years and counting - to shred the U. S. Constitution, to destroy individual freedom and American capitalism, and to transform us into nothing other than another failed experiment in Marxist Socialism.
The easiest way to kill America is to rob us of our freedom to create the lives we desire through law-abiding activities by restricting our creativity and taxing us senseless.  There is no incentive to work if one sees one's daily efforts stolen by law and given to those who have incentive not to work.
This is of course only a limited outline around which this "teaching" tour could be formed.  It is important to remember that coffee breaks are needed and a good message that is uplifting, that brings out our strengths as Americans, and leaves us with a glow in our hearts when we walk out of the door talking and smiling with each other, with our fellow Americans, because we have been reminded of where we have come from and the pathway to a stronger America and a stronger family for you and me.
Throughout the presentation several clips from Newt Gingrich's presentation at the 2009 GOP Senate/House Fundraising Dinner could be show or better yet, the DVD could be given out:  Newt Gingrich at 2009 GOP Senate/House Fundraising Dinner.
At the end, every person or every family - depending on the cost - must be given a packet that includes the presentation including the general topics, a DVD of Newt Gingrich's speech, and that small, pocket-sized book, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, such as the one prepared by the Cato Institute. 
I urge you to get Rush's June 2009 Limbaugh Letter - 1-800-457-4141.  I have no affiliation with The Limbaugh Letter other than being a charter subscriber.  


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