Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letterman on hunting trip with Sarah Palin

Now Dave Letterman, just not wanting to let go, by innuendo, accuses in a 'joke' of course, Sarah Palin of inviting him on a hunting.  The meaning is clear.
There is no gentility from men of a certain age group on the far-left.  No courtesy.  No manners.  Just hatred.
He and his writers and audience have to get off on tired jokes against a woman they must fear a great deal for her courage and obviously for her skills and abilities which are second nature living in Alaska aside from necessary skills for survival.
Once while having breakfast in a Texas diner in a small Texas town, I listened to the talk of the place which was how the daughter of one of the waitresses would be graduating at the top of her class.  Great news!  But the most exciting news was that the same young woman had just completed a hunting trip where she had shot and killed and fully field dressed the deer she had been hunting.
These are strange things to the limo lizard liberals/progressives who ride encased behind bullet-proof glass and armored vehicles secure with their armed bodyguards.
I don't think the tingly up the leg feeling Dave got from telling that hunting joke was from fear that he would come to harm on such a hunting trip but rather from fear that Mrs. Palin would have to show him how to load and hold a gun in his quivering hands.  Talk about emasculation.
Poor Dave!  The longer he continues this unsolicited attack on Gov. Sarah Palin the more he shows how he'd really like all conservative women who choose life and less government bound in burkhas so the bruises wouldn't show... 


Blogger Dr.D said...

If he went hunting with her, I don't think she would bother to field dress him. Just throw him back for the crows.

9:44 PM  

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