Thursday, June 25, 2009

Iran: to the Men and Women of Iran

In America, we have heard that all of your communications have been cut off.  We have heard today that the Iranian government killed many Iranian citizens who were protesting;  actually we heard that you have experienced massacres today.
I know you will not receive these words but I wish to send them out to you just in case.  The American people are primarily a Judeo-Christian people with freedoms built upon the belief that all men (and women) are created equally - certainly with individual gifts and talents - but equal before the law.
Many Americans are praying for you and for your families.  
On a personal level, I want to thank you for your bravery and courage and for reminding me and perhaps other Americans how precious freedoms are and how easily those freedoms can be taken away by a tyrannical government or a government that over-reaches.
God bless you and keep you safe.  The American people are not your enemies;  we want you to have freedoms so that we can work to become friends beyond the restrictions placed upon us by the laws of man.  
We are not a perfect people;  we have made mistakes;  and we have tried to correct those mistakes.  Your fight has been ours at various times throughout our nation's history.  I do not walk in your shoes so my words are as nothing;  your freedoms and your right to integrity from government needs to be based upon the separation of "church" and "state."  Centuries ago the Pope had the power of your non-elected leaders;  that power has changed over time.
We wish you fairness in your courage...  We have marched and fought for freedoms at home and across the world.  In your struggle, you remind us of the roots of our American heritage.  Thank you.  Praying for your success...


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