Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tundra Tabloid: the peaceful compassion of Islam

Tundra Tabloid had this post out a few days ago and I am just getting around to posting it here: Somali Jihadis ban watching movies... In light of the protesting that is going on in Iran at the moment, perhaps it is time to pause and see what the Religion of Peace would mean to us and what it means in the darkness of night to people or to the peoples subjected to its brutality. Tundra Tabloid is a magnificent blog where you get the truth in words and pictures of the 7th Century mentality that encapsulates the Religion of Peace around the world. And why are we bringing this cancer into our nations of the West? Exactly why is that? Some folks don't want to "change" and become enlightened to women's rights and to equality, et al. When will the seemingly comatose leaders of the Western world get that.
Wait, Sarkozy of France gets it and he wants to rid France of the burkha, the badge of slavery.  No, the burkha is not of long standing as a religious symbol in the Islamic world.  The Bedouins covered themselves but that seems to be more for protection as they march across the region for grazing their animals and such.  Hats off the France's Sarkozy:  Sarkozy raps the burkha.  It's about damn time.  
Where is England on this one?  And when will the United States step in line?  The burkha is designed to set the women apart and setting aside the other reasons, the burkha is a horrible impediment to assimilation into a Western culture but then assimilation is not the goal of the Islamists, domination is so Hats off to Sarkozy.
Maybe America can be among the leaders on banning the burka instead of one of the tag-alongs as Mr. Obama has been in taking his time denouncing the Iranian mullahs killing their own Muslim citizens.
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