Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama: Congratulations on stopping release of photos

I'm not up on the details but thanks are in order to President Obama and whomever - the court? -  had a hand in stopping the release of those damaging photos for the time being.
Just how long do you think Mr. Obama is going to allow Ms. Pelosi to act out as she does with her "in your face" attitude toward him from her position as Speaker of the House of Representatives?  I thought she'd be gone when she accused the CIA of misleading the congress "all the time" in briefings - a felony as I understand it, but no, she stayed on.  And there was no investigation.  Hmm...
Or does President Obama need Speaker Pelosi there in her position to keep pressure off of him and to deflect attention from him to her?  To be his court jester?  


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