Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Iranian Theocracy rules with heavy jack boots

Khamenei: Iran won't cede elections from the Washington Post. Well, once again we see the heavy jack-booted thugs of Iran's THEOCRACY killing its own citizens in the streets. Will you Americans once and for all GET THE PICTURE? Islam is a THEOCRACY which controls a person's life in every respect from cradle to grave. And speaking of cradle to grave, if you are born a Muslim (Barry), you cannot leave Islam of your own free will. I do not support Mr. Obama's policies that will enslave us and kill many of us through RATIONED NON-HEALTH CARE but many people wonder why our president of the "free world" has taken so long to speak out in support of the protesters in Iran as we saw Neda's body gushing blood from her mouth and men working to save her as her father stood next to her. Only one woman's opinion - Mr. Obama can say now all the words he wants but his tardiness speaks much more in his tacit support for the Khamenei regime. And keep in mind that while Mr. Obama may not be willing to shoot us down like rabid dogs in the street, his economic policies will result in the deaths of many Americans, many non-HIspanic white Americans and others as well as collateral damage in his war against Capitalism and against the middle-class of small business men and women. One can tell a person's character by the company he keeps and Mr. Obama did not fail to tell us his: Rev. Wright, Jr. and the Black Liberation Theology; our domestic terrorists Ayers and his charming wife; and Tony Resko. Wait for the next Islamist terrorist attack in America (helped along by who knows whom) and we will find ourselves in martial law faster than you can say our "Kenyan Muslim president" in the words of a local talk-radio personality. Why did Mr. Obama take so long to speak out for freedom in Iran and for a stop to the killing of Iranians? He could not speak out against the Supreme Leader unless or until his words have been cleared through back-channels for appearances sake by that very Supreme Leader. Again, one woman's opinion. Our nation's people believe in the separation of church and state, so much so that the limo lizard liberals (ah, Progressives of either party) won't even allow a person to mention God even in the public square without going bonkers. But Islam is a THEOCRACY not a religion as we perceive religion to be; Islam is not a private matter; Islam is not compatible with our way of life and our form of government; and anyone belonging to the Religion of Peace CANNOT legitimately serve in the House of Representatives, the Senate, or the White House because their taking of the 'oath of office' is a lie. But then to advance the inroads of Islam within our borders, the lie is the thing. To the protesters in Iran, your courage and bravery speak to your desire for freedom. You are young; time is on your side. Keep freedom or the fight for freedom alive in Iran... Americans want you as our friends and trading partners, not as our enemies. You are Persians; yours is an ancient civilization hijacked by men seeking total power under the name of God. Get the words and pictures out to us any way you can. We are watching. Even as we are powerless to assist you, you can trust the American people - the moms, the dads, the young men and women your age.
Just to remind you the mindset and the brutality behind that mindset that the protesters are dealing with: from  Tundra Tabloid: the peaceful compassion of Islam.


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