Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama turns Al Qaeda into criminal street gang

Move over Crips and Bloods.  There's a new biggest, baddest gang in town and they use RPGs and other assorted military weapons on the battle field too.  Al Qaeda is our newest criminal street gang;  the Islamic Muslims formerly known as terrorists but newly classified as just plain 'criminals' subject to all the rights and privileges of every other American criminal beating up on moms or pops will soon be joining you in prison and taking over your turf.  Best get ready 'cause these boys play dirty and for keeps.  And they aren't going to be afraid of you or your tats.  They'll convert you or .... well, you know.
We aren't going to be fighting the "war on terror" in Iraq or Afghanistan to keep from fighting it here because there isn't a "war on terror" and we will be fighting this non-existent war HERE because we will be bringing the "warriors for Jihad" here at taxpayer expense.  
Has everyone in Washington, D.C. had a lobotomy?
Here's a radical idea.  Maybe John F. Kerry had it right when he suggested that we should just deal with the radical fundamentalist Islamic Muslim terrorists as criminals?  Yes?  No?  I think no but here's the radical idea.
The Illinois Mafia Administration is a gang of lawyers and they mostly know other lawyers or thugs, criminals, and domestic terrorists who need or have needed lawyers.  This lawyer administration now has their hand on the pipeline of money that they can divert from the once and now past "war against Islamic Muslim terrorists" and divert those billions to lawyers who can become the defense lawyers for each and EVERY Al Qaeda or non-Al Qaeda Islamic Muslim terrorist picked up on the battle field or here at home fighting our military simply by turning these Islamic Muslim terrorists from enemy combatants to - yes, boys and girls -  "CRIMINALS".
That's one possibility.  The other is that the Democrats in office cannot and will not defend this nation because they don't know how;  they are little boys playing dress-up in men's clothes.  Oh, they can beat us up plenty; we're law-abiding citizens; we're easy targets.  But they are lawyers and probably not all good ones either - which doesn't matter much to their new 'criminal' clients.
The new 'criminals' taken off of the battle field and brought to our jails will learn our ways, our language, and will convert and recruit in prison more domestic Islamic Muslim terrorists such as the man or men who murdered Private William Long recently and wounded Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula.  More on that later...
So here is a more radical idea.  I am sorry for the loss of lives this suggestion would result in but we are either fighting a war in Afghanistan and Iraq or we are not.  Since we, under the adolescents in the White House, are not fighting a war but now picking up criminals, I say get our military OUT of Afghanistan and Iraq immediately.
Bring our military home so that they will not be there to pick up "CRIMINALS" or send over the NYPD or the SFPD.  Reading Miranda Rights to non-American citizens who are fighting us on the battle field.  Outrageous and an insult to every soldier who has given his or her life to protect us.
Osama bin Laden must be laughing in his beard.  I would be.  "Maybe too much hashish go in White House, eh, Abdullah?"  "No, not enough, Osama.  Not enough..." 
Get our military out and then let CNN show us the carnage and blame America for letting that happen.  Look, I don't want American jails filled with Al Qaeda converting and recruiting more domestic Muslim terrorists.  
I don't think one more imam should be allowed in our prisons after the killing of Private Long and the wounding of Pvt. Ezeagwula.  Not one more imam.  Period.  Islam is not a religion as we understand religion to be.  The killer even said what he did was Islamic justified.  Duh!
This was not a "criminal" act.  This was a military act of war but the "enemy combatant" will be treated as a common criminal.  I wonder if he'll be charged with a "hate crime."
And when we are subjected to the next "criminal" Al Qaeda acting-out killing of Americans here, I'm not going to have far to look to know who helped that "man-made disaster" happen.
This can also be viewed as another redistribution of wealth scheme.  With all those billions of dollars going to our Department of Defense, its only natural that our child lawyers would see the fun in funneling that money to their red diaper doper baby lawyer buddies.  ("Red diaper doper babies" is coined by Michael Savage and he is right once again.)
I don't know how long it will take Americans to understand this and I don't know how many of us will have to be killed at the hands of newly classified "criminal" Islamic Muslim terrorists - foreign or domestic (they'll probably all get US citizenship so they can vote for the WON) - probably quite a few since we are moving them into America or will be moving them here into our criminal justice system and following that onto our streets BUT the current crop of Democrats cannot and will not protect us.  Can anyone say Pelosi and photographs?  Doesn't anyone appreciate that all Americans will be under increased danger if these photos are released, not only our military?
These Democrats, or Demoncats as my friend Mr. Minority has dubbed them, do not understand war.  They cannot or do not want to face the enemy breaching our gates with their help and for this, we will die.  
But in the meantime, the sickest on the left will laugh at the likes of David Letterman who uses his stage to attack a mom and her 14 year old daughter on a trip to New York for a charity event.  Like the sexually repressed Taliban and Al Qaeda, Letterman makes pedophilic-like comments about a 14 year old girl and comments about her mother's make-up.  He never apologized only said maybe it was in poor taste.  Ya'think?  
But at some level Letterman was not so far from the prurient attitudes of Al Qaeda, our newest "criminal street gang," about the women they have forced to kneel in the dirt of a soccer field before shooting the helpless women in the back of the head to the approving shouts and cheering of the men/boys looking on.  That was the Taliban of course.
Why do I bring Letterman's comments which are seemingly off-topic into this post?  Because they are not off-topic at all.  Mr. Letterman did us a favor in this time of "Cognitive Dissonance" some of us are experiencing.  One woman's opinion, but he showed the sickness of some few on the left, especially among some of the men on the left who simply hate women, have hated the women striving for equality - much as the Islamists hate and fight against the same thing.  Women have no rights in Islam.  They are beaten as the Koran instructs.  
Are some on the left subconsciously more aligned with the Islamists than they even know and certainly could not acknowledge?  I don't know.  Watch how they treat some women.  Watch how intolerant they are of any attempt at public discussion of critical issues.  They always begin and end with personal attacks and name-calling.
But do not set you hopes of salvation and protection upon the current Democrats in Washington.  You will be disappointed.  
It seems that the White House will be bringing the Islamic Muslim terrorists here to you.  And financially raped through the on-going bailouts, our savings in ruins, we will now be slapped from here to Texas as our tax dollars pay the lawyers who will defend these newly classified "criminals."  
How much longer can we stand these offenses against our nation, our Constitution, the blatant disregard for our system of "checks and balances", our national security?  You don't think bringing Al Qaeda Islamic Muslim terrorists into our prisons doesn't directly put our national security at risk - like Level RED?
We have non-violent means to bring about change not chains and that is the Elections in 2010 and 2012.  Allow me to point out that Al Qaeda is an indiscriminate killer with no regard for ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, or anything else.  Their only goal is killing us and destroying our way of life. 
If you consider that the current administration will use any crisis, self-created or naturally occurring, to alter our way of life - as Rahm said, don't waste a good crisis - think about how much has changed and how quickly it has changed since January 20th.  And consider the result of rationed health care...parcelled out by a bureaucrat.  As someone said in a movie once, who gave Hitler his power?  The clerks, the bureaucrats... 
As left by a commenter - see Friends of the US Chamber of Commerce for ideas about how to fight for our rights.

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Blogger KGS said...

Hi Beach Girl. As the way things stand in Washington, having a lobotomy is a requirement for higher ofice.

The Zero is content with returning America into a pre-9/11 existence, which runs counter to all sound logic and reason.

It's going to take another calamity to snap people out of their slumber that the present administration is intent on fostering.

Thankfully we have people such as yourself sounding the alarm. Keep up the good work. KGS

10:18 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, Tundra. I had to shutdown for a while there. It was all getting to be too much for me. Thank you for coming over to pep me up.

10:37 PM  
Blogger KGS said...

More than welcome, just keep on keeping on!

12:18 AM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

We need a lot more lawyers in the field, as armor plate. I think about 5 deep they should be moderately effective for small arms fire, and it would be very beneficial to the home front as well.

Shakespear was right: Kill all the lawyers.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe our hard earned money is paying these people's salaries. This is just one more reminder that the only real way to keep our economy strong is not by raising taxes, but by keeping taxes low, fair and simple.

I've been looking for a way to take action and contact our legislators and sign petitions and found some good policy the U.S. Chamber of Commerce backs (here). I don't have a lot of money or time, but I figure this will help other people do good.

12:31 PM  

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