Sunday, May 03, 2009

Nadal: Come out and play; let's play on the clay!

What a great tournament: The Internazionnali BNL D'Italia! And Rafa wins again, earning his 15th ATP Tournament Shield. And Djokovic did himself proud. The top 8 players gave us a great series of tennis and Juan Monaco did well against Gonzalez. When I watch Rafa, I imagine I hear him saying: "Come out and play; come out and play on the clay!" His match with Djokovic the defending champion was great at 7-6, 6-2. But the first set was exceptional. Don't quote me but Nadal is two championships in matching Agassi. Nadal is young, 22, and if he stays on his game, I predict he'll match Andrea Agassi and exceed 17 championships, maybe even topping 25 or more before he decides to gracefully move on into another career. Hopefully, with such heart and spirit, and good sportsmanship - Nadal will become a star of Spain and move on much later to teach the youth of Spain the sportsmanship and honor he demonstrates on the court. What a smile and such willingness to "fight" for his championships. He keeps his feelings close to his chest. All of the players in Rome did well and worked hard. And Rafa, Rafael Nadal, has earned our praise. I do not know how he leads his life off of the court; for the youth of Spain, I pray he lives the example he sets on the court. God bless Rafa! And God bless Novak... Well done today and every game along the way! What a great tournament - by everyone. PS - and how great to Novak imitidate Nadal there at the end on the awards platform. Djokovic is so funny and had turned so serious, I was afraid he had had the fun "coached" out of him. Glad to see the funny side come out again. We like to see the "funny" side, Novak - keep it up for all of us...


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