Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama's Press Conference - 4-29-2009

Whoo hoo!  What a great 100 days!  The march into Socialism is moving on at a good pace.  A few days ago, on another matter, Mr. Obama said that Al Qaeda was not constrained by a constitution as we are in the United States.
Aside from a great photo op, Mr. Obama did indirectly state his dissatisfaction with not being able to move as quickly as he wants to into managing every aspect of our lives.  An interesting and recurring theme was that the Executive Branch is in fact constrained by the U.S. Constitution.  But...
Not so fast - there are only 4-5 specific tasks that are assigned to the FEDERAL government.  The U.S. Constitution has not constrained many presidents lately from doing pretty much what they and the Congress want to do.  The government - the federal government - interferes with every aspect of our lives on issues that belong under the purview of the States.  The States of the United States are no more than wards or slaves of the federal government. 
A great photo op - I watched it all.  To his credit, Mr. Obama has a great ability to answer around questions.  Very good.  If you feel safer knowing that our Islamist terrorist enemies have nothing to fear from being captured - you should feel good that the Great Satan is really a "little kitten who wants to snuggle up for approval" from the folks who want to do us harm.  Sleep well...
You might be able to sleep better knowing that England is still our ally and their SAS is feared.  Thank goodness.   


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