Friday, April 24, 2009

Brandeis: Freedom of Speech of Domestic Terrorists

Brandeis College will be opening its doors to our own domestic terrorist with Bill Ayers scheduled to speak there:  Red Alert:  Terrorist Bill Ayers Scheduled for College Speech.
Unlike Mr. Obama who has no trouble finding endless things to apologize for among the many good accomplishments and few misdeeds of America, Mr. Ayers once pointed out that he wouldn't know what to apologize for in the killings of 12 police officers by the Weather Underground.
If we are going to have freedom of speech, then perhaps we can have freedom of speech a diversity of views with freedom of speech for Congressman Tom Tancredo, Robert Spencer, and Ann Coulter - to name a few voices who have been censored by the far-left even to the point of having speeches canceled or the speaker accosted on stage.  


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