Thursday, April 30, 2009

Demographics and the reach of Islamisation

Various bloggers write tirelessly about the spread of Islam and the Islamisation of Europe but it doesn't stop there. It simply comes down to numbers and birth rates about which Mark Steyn wrote in America Alone. And now there is Steyn's book, Lights Out. Americans get caught up in the "red meat" issues thrown at them by their political elites and Americans turn on each other, like the lions ripped at the Christians in the Roman Coliseum, figuratively ripping each other to shreds while the world - the world in which they live and the one for which they fight for our freedoms and liberties - is passing away before our eyes. Arafat said that the womb of the Muslim woman would be the crucible through with Islam would dominate the world. From the International Civil Liberties Alliance, view Islamisation and Demography if you wish to see what the world of our children and grandchildren may be like. And think of the approximately 53,000,000 American pre-borns we have aborted since 1973. Through our wanton abortion practices and our lack of having children, we are literally on the way to flushing our culture into the waste heap along with the most fragile among us - and as their lives are snuffed out, as the ones who survive partial-birth abortions are left alone in the cold on steel hospital tables to die - a fate for which Mr. Obama voted - it is only we who have ourselves to thank for the destruction of our culture and heritage. This post is not a discussion of a woman's right to chose. It is my understanding that Islamic women have no such choice. And while we in the ever so enlightened West abort our young, Islamists are waiting in the wings to dominate and to marginalize our Western Civilization. The stage is set for the Islamists to roll over all Muslims, those wanting to live in a democracy and those indifferent. Let me mention also that ethnic Russians are in the same boat with other infidels. Civilizations do come and go but once they are lost they are lost forever. Don't worry about the snail-darter, it is we who are on the "endangered" list... We're set for termination or extinction, we of Western Civilization. A H/T and thank you to Aeneas of the International Civil Liberties Alliance. Bottom line, plain and simple, couples in threatened cultures need to have more children just for their cultures to have a small chance at survival. They have to stop worrying about materialism because the government can and will take that away on a whim. There is little security except for that of your family. If America did not have the Hispanic population, we Westerners would be reproducing at the unsustainable level of 1.1 children per couple. So to Western Civilization: this is not about ethnicity, it is about culture; to our Judeo-Christian heritage and values, God bless you of the younger generation; you are the ones who hold your future in your hands. May you have the wisdom some of your parents and grandparents lacked in their rush to "multiculturalism", to "political correctness", and yes, to "moral equivalency." Shame on all of us who failed you; now the job is yours and it may well be the challenge of your age - to save or let slip away your heritage and culture. Your choices will be yours as will also be your future...yours.


Blogger Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

And the young ones will carry the ball into the future if they learn on their own how to embrace Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and their other American forefathers. They'll need to do this on their own because they'll never learn it in school. God bless our nation and its future.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Bobillw said...

"If America did not have the Hispanic population, we Westerners would be reproducing at the unsustainable level of 1.1 children per couple."

The implications of this claim is grossly wrong in every respect. Maybe it was another typo? If not, I suggest the author find some good source on US and world fertility rates and bone up a bit.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Bobillw said...

The link below is a starting point for learning about fertility rates.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Bobillw said...

"The total fertility rate (TFR) or average number of children per woman given current birth rates-- was 2.1 children per woman in 2005. Among racial and ethnic groups, the TFR for highest for Hispanics at 2.9 children per woman, compared with 1.8 for non-Hispanic whites, 2.0 for non-Hispanic blacks, 1.9 for Asian and Pacific Islanders, and 1.7 for American Indians and Alaska Natives."

The above was taken from a report written in 2007, and the numbers sound about right. I believe the fertility rate has to be slightly more than 2.0 to sustain a stable population (everything else equal) because there are slightly more boy babies born than girl babies.

If one considers non-hispanic whites to be the keepers of traditional US culture, then that culture is cannot hold its own at the current fertility rates of about 1.8.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Any data was taken from the ICLA Demographics and Islamisation but the severe and pointed criticism is always welcome from astute readers. Data can be skewed of course and who can say perhaps the folks who put the slide-presentation together were using other data sources.

Certainly one can be forgiven for one's imperfections but then Mark Steyn and the ICLA along with the CIA World Factbook have good data as well. The very term "non-Hispanic white" is designed to supplant "white" as an ethnic choice as the CIA Factbook folks are planning ahead with the "non-Hispanic white" group a minority without "minority" benefits. This way "non-Hispanic whites" are part of the larger Hispanic group. I'm fine with that; actually, I'm really more than fine with that.

2:19 PM  

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