Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama: to release CIA photos?

When does the behavior and/or actions of a president of the United States of America fall into the category of high crimes, misdemeanors and/or treason?  Robert Hanssen is considered the most successful spy that operated against the United States within our FBI.  The sum total of the damage he caused to us and to our allies is classified.  What Hanssen did was covert.  He was a spy.  
It is something else again when your internal work is being broadcast by the Executive to the world.  I don't know what that is called.  I do know that the Speaker of the House of Representatives knew of all the things you did on our behalf before you did them back in 2002.  
To CIA men and women, you are being or seem to be under attack with your operations being disclosed from the seat of power of our nation.  Maybe your families are being compromised.  I don't know.  But please do not be demoralized.  Executive Administrations come and go every four years.
We need your expertise for those of you nearing retirement.  Stay with us.  For you new agents, in your hearts, renew your allegiance to our nation and her people.  We need you.  You can weather this storm.  
The American people are only being distracted as our banks are becoming the property of the federal government as the government changes its preferred stock to common stock.  The American are being distracted as our nation is becoming SOCIALIST by fiat through the Executive and its Treasury Department.
CIA - we need you.   Stay with us.    


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