Thursday, April 30, 2009

YouTube: Shariah's impact on us

The following will be a growing but brief list of interviews and news briefings done by the Center for Security Policy under the leadership of Frank Gaffney, Jr.
These video interviews are on YouTube at the site for SecureFreedom. The very brief list at this blog will be updated periodically. See SecureFreedom and/or the Center for Security Policy for the latest posts and interviews.
If you want to receive information from the Center for Security Policy, go to their website for more information. You can also subscribe for free newsletters and updates to be e-mailed directly to you at either the YouTube location, SecureFreedom or at the Center for Security Policy. Thank you. Please, take a little time to view some of these interviews. Freedom and freedom of speech and the free expression of the truth may keep us free. Many people are dedicated to you having access to accurate information about Shariah.
It is important for you to become aware of the ways that Sharia Law and Sharia Finance can and will effect you and your lives. You need to inform yourself and through you, your Representatives and elected officials at the local, state, and federal level can also become informed.
As another example of another man working to bring to light the ways of the Islamists, Dr. Jasser writes of Islamists Resumes are circulating in booklet form through the halls of Congress of Islamists seeking jobs within the halls of power where our laws are created so that they can perhaps have great influence in the drafting of those laws. We already know, from the Stimulus Bill, that our representatives do not read the bills upon which they vote. A post, Obama: stacking deck for Islamists?, links you to Dr. Jasser's article; Dr. Jasser is associated with the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Dangerous and appalling. Deals with a booklet of Islamists resumes that is being routed to Congressmen and Senators suggesting that they hire "radical" Islamists as legislative aides and such. Dr. Jasser writes in Family Security Matters.
Video interviews and updates from SecureFreedom: 4/30/2009 - Peter Leitner on Somali Pirates, Shariah & the DHS Report 5/4/2009 - How Islamist Lawfare tactics target free speech


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