Monday, April 27, 2009

Swedish leaders cow before violent immigrant youths

The link is to the Gates of Vienna: Proclaiming Jihad in Rosengard.
I recommend this post, Proclaiming Jihad in Rosengard, and the the one that the Baron wrote yesterdayWhen acpcalypse becomes routine, about the government in Sweden being unable or unwilling to stop the riots in their streets caused nightly by violent immigrant gangs. And worse, law-abiding citizens recognizing the hopelessness of looking to their government for redress.
Can the Swedish leaders stop the violence, protect law-abiding citizens, or are they tied up in knots of political correctness set to destroy property and perhaps lives?
When a government becomes impotent, one has to weep for its humiliation unless one is among the violent immigrant youth gangs - then one can only rejoice... And then far away in America, one can only wonder if we somehow inadvertently add to the boldness of the violent immigrant youth gangs screaming "Allahu Akhbar" when we give legitimacy to the Taliban. I don't "blame America first" but I do believe strong leadership on our part could bring the egocentric adolescent mire the planet seems to have been plunged into in line. Or are we to stand by until the "violent immigrant gangs" turn into the "violent immigrant gangs" of men that they may well grow into. Is that what we want?


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