Monday, May 04, 2009

Islamists use our laws against us!

Here is a recent article that you can find at the Center for Security Policy: How Islamist Lawfare tactics target free speech. Congressman John Conyers has had a House Resolution passed that predominately features Islam from being discussed. This is only a resolution but no one knows or can know how far behind lies the legislation to take away our freedoms of speech, one topic at a time. Our open and free societies are easy targets for the Islamists. They are patient and they learn well the ways of the people they wish to subjugate or destroy. In the United States, it would be best not to convert many of us but rather impose a "religion" tax on those of us who did not convert. Thomas Jefferson fought this very battle during the founding of our nation when he opposed taxpayers from having to pay a tax to the Anglican Church, which I believe was the "established" church of England and Virginia. I could have the denomination wrong but with Islamists, non-Muslims would be charged a "tax" or "fee" for being non-Muslim. This strategy has been part and parcel of established Islamist tradition for centuries. And while in Islamic Republics, some are allowed to worship at churches, they may not repair their churches. Eventually, the churches are worn down. And even today, as told to me by a lady who lived in a Middle Eastern country, Christian merchants' stores were marked or identified so that Muslim women would not financially support the Christian merchants.


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