Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama passes first Islamic terrorists test: SURRENDERS!

North Korea successfully fires off its missile which of course fails but they are one step closer to their goal. So whoo hoo for the North Korean leader - starving his people to death as his slave labor works to build at least one missile that will be able to reach Hawaii successfully and deliver a payload of some description. That doesn't matter really; Hawaii wants "native" Hawaiians to have independence so no problem there. Mr. Obama watches and sends a memo to the UN to do something so he "did" something to CYA on that one. Well done, Mr. President. So far the only American showing any balls off Somalia is Capt. Richard Phillips who swam for his life but was recaptured by the Muslim pirate thugs. Thomas Jefferson and our Marine leathernecks had to dispatch such Muslim pirates on to their reward with Allah in the early 1800s in Tripoli during a time when American Presidents seemed to know where their loyalties were and what their oath of office stood for. Mrs. Phillips can be comforted to know that our Commander-in-retreat is busily working on implementing the financial plan that has been so successful for President Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe by printing money as fast as the Treasury can print it and by "killing off" as many small businesses (ethnicity may or may not be at issue yet) as possible because these create most of the jobs in the private sector which Mr. Obama wants to or seemingly wants to destroy. I won't bother trying to count the ways. I have a very smart friend who can be counted on to correct me ever so kindly or to educate me should I fall short so I'll just let you figure it out when you have to collect your unemployment check. From Riches to Rags by Warren Mass tells the story of Mugabe's Zimbabwe. Here are two quotations: "The seizure of white-owned farms played a key role in destroying Zimbabwe's economy. Although the farmers represented less that one percent of the population, they were responsible for 25 percent of all employment in the country and 40 percent of the nation's export earnings....America can follow the example of Zimbabwe and spend trillions of dollars to "stimulate" the economy, or we can return to fiscal sanity, balance the budget, abolish the Federal Reserve, restore sound currency, and return to the prosperity and freedom our Founders passed on to us." Which choice do you think Mr. Obama will make? One Brit has Obama's number: Barack Obama - President Pantywaist - new surrender monkey on the block. And at Count US Out, Barack Obama, President Pantywaist. My how the mighty do fall so far so fast from "Citizen of the World" and the accolades across Europe before the election to "President Pantywaist" from our allies, the British. Whoops! My goodness... But what's true is true. Islam means "submit" and submit Obama will on all fronts. Our Commander-in-retreat will pass this test by submitting to the Islamic terrorist pirates but I would not bet on the likelihood of Capt. Phillips being allowed to come home. Mr. Obama bowed to a Saudi Prince/King; he's already shown his obeisance to Islam. He was reared as a Muslim and born a Muslim. He is working mightily on things that are not anywhere close to being his job as written in the US Constitution. My prayers, to our Judeo-Christian God, go out to Mrs. Phillips but "In Obama we trust" won't get us very far. He still has time but I don't know how many of us will have to pay with our lives before Mr. Obama stiffens his back and becomes the President of the United States, not the panderer to those who want to kill us. One does not bow to a Saudi Prince/King who wants to cut off your head. And the Wahhabis are rather serious about it. Or does Capt. Phillips still have time to be rescued? Does anyone in our chain of command have the courage to save that brave man's life? Save the man's life first and ask permission later...


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