Thursday, April 09, 2009

Obama and his never-ending apologies

I found Mr. Obama's apologies throughout Europe and Turkey embarrassing and degrading to me as one of his fellow citizens of the United States, a Christian nation thank you very much. He can indeed be ashamed of his nation. That is his choice but the United States of America, for all of her weaknesses, has provided more good throughout the world than any other nation, certainly of the last century. I would prefer that we take our money back and stop giving out our money to nations that "hate" us. However, Mr. Obama - unlike Mr. Hannity asking "doesn't he get it" - does get it. Mr. Obama does get it. He has chosen to disarm the United States; he has chosen to bow to the Saudi King; he has chosen to turn a review and approval of American salaries over to a G-20 review committee (read EU hands in the cookie jar) which will lead us easily under direct control of the UN, the IMF, and other international control groups without a shot being fired. American sovereignty gone. Goodbye... I cannot blame it all on Mr. Obama because the stage has been set for him during the past 30 or so years. President Reagan was a fluk, our last free election. Yes, the skids have been greased and the stage set for Mr. Obama to move in to slip us easily from a sovereign nation into a lackey of "Old" Europe. Believe me, the Europeans enjoyed Mr. Obama apologizing and bowing for how horrible we Americans are but they still take our money. But when Mr. Bush threatened to take our forces our of Germany, their PM had a panic attack what with Turkey breathing down their necks. We are Europe's little brothers and sisters and they love to make fun of us. But do they really want us weakened? Really... Well, if so, they should be sleeping well because Mr. Obama is making us appear weaker by the day. Even the pirates in Somalia aren't afraid of us. How about that? Why should they be? They don't have President Thomas Jefferson or our Marine Leathernecks to deal with these days. Now they were men who knew how to deal with bullies. Deal with the threat and take names later... God bless Captain Richard Phillips and be with his wife. I fear that Mr. Obama, in his performance in Europe is still campaigning, and in bowing to the Saudi King as one example, simply gave our allies in Europe the jitters. I recall Lady Thatcher saying, "Don't go wobbly on my now, George." to George H.W. Bush. I'm just a bit concerned that Mr. Obama is good at being a good, back-slapping buddy but easy to go "wobbly". That won't be good for us and it certainly will not be good for the woman's perspective. I hope I'm wrong but "hope" clearly is for "suckers."


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