Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama rewards Gordon Brown for not showing Geert Wilders' Fitna

As I sometimes do, I get moving on a topic and then slip into a "stream of consciousness" thing and move from one topic to the next. I have done so recently in the post, Obama supports Sharia Law for US? which was based upon a post, Farewell to Britain, by Frank Gaffney, Jr of the Center for Security. My post focused on AIG and Citigroup being run along the lines of Sharia Finance or "financial Islam". This led me to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch which led me to the 15 minute film by Geert Wilders, Fitna. Americans are being warned upside down and backwards of the threat Islam poses to our way of life. We are not listening. Obama is proving his desire and goal to destroy capitalism and our free market capitalist system. How are your retirement savings holding up? Britain is gone; Islam has taken over, if not the pomp and circumstance, then that is only a matter of time. Thanks to the EU, Europe - once Western allies - is being overrun by Muslims, many of whom are "extremist" in the words of Obama where the term Islamic terrorist is not to be heard. In the US, we are seeing "honor" killings; an elementary school in California has the children dress up as Muslims and practice being Muslims for a day, a week, or a month. The ideas of "racism" and "political correctness" are so embued into our mindset now that real, meaningful discourse of the very real threats facing us straight on like us looking down the barrel of a loaded shotgun are impossible to have. Actually the only "racism" and "attacks against religion" that can be engaged in within the United States but cannot be openly acknowledged are the racist attacks against white men specifically and white people generally and the open attacks against Christianity and Judaism. Mention "Islam" and the House Resolution against speaking about Islam is waiting to be shifted over to a "law" but Christianity and Judaism are fair-game and actually "scapegoats". If you are brave, PLEASE see/watch the video, Fitna by Geert Wilders. It is not a pretty sight but it shows the horrors of Islamic terrorism toward the West and as importantly the Islamic domestic terrorism toward the women of Islam; may God bless the Muslim women who fall before the wrath of uncontrollable cruelty at the hands of Sharia Law ordered and excused in accordance with the dictates of ...... For a list of the Obama administration's activities just for the first 50 days, see the excellent list at Gateway Pundit: Obama Disaster: 50 days that changed the world. I have linked one other post to Gateway Pundit's list because I believe they pertain to the work Obama's administration is doing. Also, I believe - while working to dismantle our free enterprise and free market capitalism way of life, I believe much of the activity is a distraction to keep us from connecting the dots to Obama's underlying agenda which certainly cannot be voiced or even speculated about. Make no mistake that one of the main agendas is to make the American people more and more dependent upon government. Remember, we the people created the government and it is there to serve us, not enslave us.

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Blogger MK said...

"Americans are being warned upside down and backwards of the threat Islam poses to our way of life."

Unfortunately Beach Girl, they are not, most in the western world have little idea of the Islamization of Europe. It's only those of us who are not too lazy who get onto the blogs and the net to find out for ourselves.

The western media will not show us the truth, there is a malevolent hidden agenda at play that seeks to cover up the truth and only show us the nice side of Islam, the little there is.

I don't know what it'll take for them to start showing us the truth.

4:28 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

MK, the Islamists may take the "showing" out of the hands of the media...

Good to see you at Crusader Rabbit and A Western Heart are still keeping the truth burning free.

6:40 PM  

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