Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama: Address to Congress, Part II - the Big 3

Allow me to finish up comments on Obama's Address to Congress by mentioning the Big 3 Automanufacturers in America. The big American 4x4 trucks, et al, are as American as motherhood, apple pie, and church on Sunday. The government money to the Big 3 simply is a sop to the unions and a camel's nose under the tent to force the Big 3 to make the cars Congress wants them to make and the same cars that Americans do not want to buy for a kazillion reasons. I'll just mention two. 1) Mexican truckers streaming across our interstate highways. Please, if government wants to help Americans, put big reflector signs on these trucks that identify them as coming in from Mexico so we drivers can stay clear of them. We need to appreciate that our nation is designed to be just two taco stands between narco-Mexico and Canada but identifying the trucks would go along way to helping us defend ourselves on the highway. 2) We don't want those little "beer can" thin green cars. Why? Well, for one thing, 12,000 AMERICANS are killed on our highways every year as a result of illegal Mexican aliens driving drunk on our highways. We need Humvees for goodness sake. If the federal government wants to do something for me, give me the money to buy a Hummer - in small please. About the illegal Mexican alien drunk drivers, Heraldo Rivera says it is just a cultural thing that WE have to accept. Ha! We Americans don't want those lame death-trap green cars, especially not when our elected DC demagogues are driving around in limos we pay for. Not exactly much "fairness" there...


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