Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama: Attack on the middle class: full-steam ahead!

At the beginning, allow me to make this clear. The domenstic financial terrorist attack against Americans by their government and government leaders is in full sway and has been building since the 1913s aided, of course, by the Socialist International - the comrades who started and have been working for the destruction of our free capitalist system. One cannot dismiss the hand that many of our Presidents have had in playing their part and of course the Socialist Democrat Party power folks have been working mightily to bring about the financial collapse we are now experiencing. The first thing Lenin and his boys did in Russia was to nationalize the banks. That is the talk in DC now. Nationalize our banks. The unions are all for the nationalization of our industries - those we have remaining. Osama bin Ladin threw the stock market for a spin down to 9,000 or so but we recovered and got back to 13, 14, and heading for 15,000. But wait - too much money in the hands of the "little people". Now, thanks to Barney Franks, Chris "nationalize the banks" Dodd, and others including Jimmy Carter, Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2, our stock market is under 7,500. That's a big double punch from the government aimed directly at the middle class and our 401K programs we "saved" our earnings for, not wanting to be dependent upon the government or its god Obama. And all triggered by little old Jimmy Carters Community Reinvestment Act of 1972. The government leaders decided to juice it up and force banks to lend to folks who could not pay for mortgages. Bank and mortgage lenders were also helped along in this most insane of business practices by ACORN - the community agitators helped by Barack Obama when he was but a wee lad of a lawyer in teaching them how to intimidate and threaten institutions with law suits. We are where we are today - with our god Obama and the Stimulus Bill right out of Kafka - punishing all of us who worked hard and believed that they were be able to live on the fruits of their sacrifice. Do you feel like you've been played for a fool? Well, if not yet, stick around a bit and you might find that the goal is the end of capitalism and free enterprise. The goal is government run collectives - call it any name you like but it is still Socialism. Will the "mark of the beast" be a tattoo on your arm, a chip implanted into your new baby at birth, a chip in your neck, or will the mark of the beast be the PIN number accessing all of your remaining accounts that is given to you and controlled by the government. The Socialist Democrats - whom I disguish from general helpless Democrats - are on a high right now. The battle cry for Conservatives in 2010 should be, "Death to the Stimulus Bill - H.R. 1" only problem is that there are more "stimulus" bills - read government take-overs in the works as I type. Stalin was successful in destroying Russian initiative by nationalizing the banks first and getting his "national police" force in full swing. When you hear of the power of Obama's National Civilian Security Force - stronger, as he said, than our military, then you will know that our people will then be under "civilian martial" law. Think it can't happen here? Think back to jeremiah wright, jr's tirades. Obama's mentor. Crush the white middle class and "make 'em pay." Hey, we have been paying for a very long time. And a bit of an aside... And BeBe is back in Israel! Thank God... Maybe Israel will lead the way out of the mind-fogging and brain-blinding state we are in! Maybe Israel will ultimately save Europe from the domination of Imperial Islam - for the sake of PC, that would be "political Islam." With our new leadership, I don't think the US will come to the aid of anyone but the Islamists so, Israel - God is on your side! All you middle class folks high on "hope" and looking at your jobs and your building 401Ks - how's that hope working for you now that the government and government-led regulations have robbed you of tens of thousands of retirement savings. Feeling good about that "vote for hope?" Guess the market is voting with its feet. I wrote earlier that the market was the indicator to watch but I didn't think it would get this bad... I say buy some good stocks now, as much as you can and hang on. This too shall pass.... We have another election in 2010.. 2010 - time to retire ALL the folks who voted for the Obama "punish honest Americans, living within their means" bill. That All includes Specter, Collins, and Snowe in the Senate.


Blogger Brett_McS said...

And the new Obama Budget is going to balance the books by taxing business and the wealthy. Just the thing for getting us out of a recession. Sheesh, don't they ever learn? On the bright side, the resulting drawing out of the recession may well doom the Messiah to one term. Not that even just four years of utter incompetence (to be charitable) is going to go all that fast.

5:27 AM  
Blogger The Hunter said...

Nice rant. I think you paint a disturbingly accurate picture of what's going on.

The financial meltdown last fall was indeed a financial 9/11, but to see the parallels, you have to look at what was happening in the skyscrapers while they were burning but before they collapsed, and cross-reference that with how an attack by Saudi Islamic terrorists ultimately led to a war against a brutal dictator, who happened to be a secularized Iraqi.

Follow the money.

1:14 PM  

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