Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama: Destroy the middle-class! Change you believed in!

Yes, boys and girls, an Islamist terrorist attack could not do to our economy what Mr. Obama, building on the foundation of Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1972 and a few additions during the Bush - Clinton - Bush years, and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid plan for our demise. Before the election, I mentioned that the reaction of the stock market would tell us a great deal about the choice the nation and many of the nation's non-tax payers made. If you voted for Mr. Obama and you don't pay taxes and the small company you work for has been forced to lay-off people including you - don't blame anyone but yourself. You bought it. So, how's it working out for you folks in Iowa who opened the door for SOCIALISM and the green glob of tyranny more fully inaugurated under the Homeland Security Acts, et al? The NEW WORLD ORDER marches on, over us and gobbling our savings. Speaking of those investments you Seniors were planning to live on during your retirement - you can kiss that goodbye as you watch your pension plans and 401K plans tank. But you elected the messiah and soon you may be getting the bread he rations out to you along with the rationed health care. I wrote long ago that once we turn from the sanctity of life and kill our pre-born children so wantonly, it is an easy path to killing our elderly and handicapped at the behest of a bureaucrat. For me, when we starved and dehydrated Terri Shiavo - we finally crossed that dangerous line about honoring life. Back to, back to... To my friends, I find it difficult to post on the monstrosity that our government is subjecting us to, the slavery that will be imposed upon our children once we have been stripped of our earnings and savings and have ourselves been thrown into poverty. And of course, I cannot even speak to the government support of illegal aliens. Note, don't travel to Phoenix, AZ - second highest kidnapping rate in the world, surpassed only by Mexico City. But, there is hope. I have listened to Joel Osteen lately as wells as Bishop Eddie Long. Both ministers, both different in style, but BOTH pressing the point that we need to turn to our faith, to take care of our finances, and to take responsibility for our lives and our choices. God bless you... Remember, 2010 elections are right around the corner and some of this harm can be repaired if we still have freedom of speech and our constitution. Keep in mind, the "mess" we are in is self-inflicted and lays at the feet of the politicians we have elected


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