Thursday, November 20, 2008

Supreme Court and Obama's "birth certificate"

About that Obama birth certificate! Interesting isn't it? A simple government hiree, at the lowest level MUST have a legal birth certificate; yet, our new Supreme Leader, pbuh, does now???? I have included below, a comment, in full from a friend in response to another friend's earlier comment. As you know, there are some comments I just don't want to get lost within posts and often post the comments here on the blog as posts. December 1st draws near. Let's see how it all turns out... Any bets? Just a note: I find the levels of corruption within our government, the Federal Reserve, and Paulson's Treasury - a former CEO of Goldman Sachs - amazing. And the AIG intrigue incredible - more on that later. ~~~~~ From George99 to Bobillw: Bobillw: Don't be so technical. Liberal justice Souter could have dismissed the case like they do hundreds of other appeals each year in two words: "Cert Denied." and that would have been the end of it... but he didn't!!!! No, the SCt. did not actually "order" Barry to produce the birth cert... fact finding is usually remanded to the lower federal court. What they did was actually agree to hear some preliminary written arguments on the merits of Berg's standing to bring this challenge. The absolutely amazing thing is that the Supreme Ct. would never have even bothered with this unless they thought the underlying case was meritorious, and here is where everyone has dropped the ball! Since when does the MSM NOT report a Supreme Court case? And is this how you want your next leader/president to act ... trying to get attorneys to cover up and fight on technicalities instead of being transparent and coming forth with the basic facts. He apparently thinks little of the constitution, in fact, supporting the notion that its a living document and wants to appoint SCT judges with the same ideology. Is this not forthcoming how this new administration would otherwise be? More coverups and more censorship and hiding details? He avoids questions and changes stories about anything sensitive (i.e., Ayers, Wright, you name it), and has actually kicked media off his campaign plane just because they asked him some tough questions. What's going to happen to this guy when MSM finally turns against him, you better be more concerned about that because this honeymoon is about to come to an end and lookout for our country now. ~~~~~ I tend to agree; having picked our Republican presidential candidate for us and having skirted around the true depths of corruption and fraud surrounding AIG, the MSM may turn on Obama faster than we think. Afterall, to them, he owes them too. As George99 said, the Supreme Court said, "We'll take a look." on the merits of Berg's motion when Souter alone could have said x-nay.


Blogger e said...

goes to show the corruption of the leftist illuminati. I wish I had the ability to be above the law!

2:42 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

E - I don't think you do wish that. I like the use of the term "illuminati". Good choice. Problem with "being above the law" is that it eventually does catch up to one. Not always a pretty sight.

Put for we on the sidelines, it can be interesting.

10:09 PM  

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