Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Z's Scoop: Bailout for Americans with no abilities!

From Z at geeeZ, you should be aware that as millions of Americas will be without jobs depending on how much Congress stifles our remaining small businesses and gasping industries, Congress is ready to step into the vacuum and fill it using the Americans with No Abilities Act. I think we have many acts in place to care for this small segment of our population but seems Z has gotten and inside scoop. Forget about college, who needs the student loans to pay off? Forget about a good trade school. Pitch it all and let Big Mama Nancy "bail" you out... And if you were in the middle-class watching your 401K slide through your fingertips like a greased pig, I got one thing to say to you: "Nanny, nanny, boo boo; no bail out for you-hoo!" [That includes me too, by the way.] The auto bailout is to save the union workers, not the car companies. So as you watch the value of your savings and assets decrease, be proud that your tax dollars are going to save unions that will soon deprive their members of the "secret" ballot and to save auto workers whose unions have strangled the Big Three. Let them restructure and re-negotiate like the airline companies did.


Blogger Culture11 said...

The airline / auto industry comparison is great.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Z said...

Well, you know it's all 'tongue in cheek' that "ACT", but it sure does sound like something the Left would do and it sure did fool a lot of my commenters at my site, didn't it!? It did me, too, till I read further into it.

We have to STOP the ridiculous promotions from school on up..."you don't do well, you repeat" "you can't afford college, go to trade school and take a loan"...WHY NOT?

Until the unions stop driving their companies into the ground, NO BAIL OUT!!
Thanks for the link!

3:07 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you! Just sitting here waitin' for my bail out check! Yeah - just like I'd have been waiting for Katrina to hit - yeah, right? NOT...

We had a bad hurrican come through where I live a few years ago. Hit us like bombs/micro-bursts. I got a funny feeling on Monday before when the gov. had declared a state of emergency. Sky was robin's egg blue clear. First and only - but now not to be the last - time I have actually packed, removed family pictures from picture frames, and headed out of town. I was gone for 12 days until they restored power and the state folks released gasoline stations back to the public.

I may have a disability or two but that day - that beautiful, bright, clear day - that "feeling" said, get out.

On topic, we already have the AWNAA. It has been part of the trillions of dollars we are now in debt.

Waiting on that check which simply tells me they are taking too much out in taxes to begin with. And by the way, in reality, they'd borrow the money from either China or Saudi Arabia which in either case would mean we were screwed - more.

Seems to me we've been screwed six ways to Sunday, had no fun ourselves, and our pimp doesn't even give us a few hours off. Sure hope they don't strangle the "Golden Goose" - which would be us.

Have a great day and come back again...

10:39 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Culture11 - one of the problems with auto industry aside from union insanity is that the gov. is making demands on industry that cannot be met.

I'd like to see those nuts in Congress be given a cow, some metal, a bit of electronic wiring and such, and ordered to each produce a car meeting the guidelines they have themselves set.

Congressmen, by and large (not in all cases), are just folks who couldn't get a real job for real pay and real work so they go for the "welfare state" of leadership and then build in a permanent retirement fund + insurance if their constituents fire them. How corrupt is that?

10:43 AM  

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