Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Zealand: Nia Glassie, toddler murdered following heinous abuse

I was going through visitors just a few minutes ago as I was checking the "referrals" in Sitemeter. I came to a heart-breaking story about a toddler, three-year old Nia Glassie. H/T to my friend KG at Crusader Rabbit, words fail... Nia Glassie: a three year old toddler responsible for her own beating? After heinous abuse, Nia Glassie died August 3, 2007 in New Zealand. This defenseless toddler was abused relentlessly by her mother, her mother's "companion", and a cousin. Additional links: Nia made to stand in rain, jurors told; NZ toddler run through dryer; and New Zealand toddler put in dryer before death. KG is right. Words fail... Just as they fail in the rapes, torture, and murders of Channon Christian and Christian Newsom. What we have is "political correctness" gone MAD, as in "insane", that our societies have slipped so far that citizens are nearly inured to such unthinkable and heinous crimes. We had a similar case in Florida recently when an 11-13 year old boy killed a young girl using wrestling techniques. He was tried as an adult but never did the defense try to blame the murdered girl as is happening at the Rotorua High Court. How low can a defense attorney go? But anyway we look at it, words do fail... as we failed Nia Glassie.


Blogger Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

This hurts me just to read. I can't even comment on it. Why is my only question.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Soldier, it hurt me too. The "why" is too simple: abject cruelty and insanity - on the part of the mother and company and on society's neglect.

I hope you did read the link to Channon Christian and Christian Newsom. That autrosity happened in America! So-called civilized humanity has lost its way...

Off-topic but just as President-elect Obama plans to close Git-mo where the most violent Islamic terrorists are being held and do what, bring them to our federal prisons within the US so that they can become heroes to some of our most hardened criminals. There is a difference between "criminals" and POWs. Islamic terrorists don't even qualify as POWs as they have signed no Geneva Convention.

I mentioned Nia Glassie and her tragic fate because I too found it painful to even consider just as the rapes, beatings, torture, and murders of Channon Christian and Christian Newsom. These are crimes committed by "animals" who have earned the worst punishment we can give them.

Gob bless Nia, Channon, and Christian.

Soldier - thank you for your service to our nation.

6:36 PM  
Blogger KG said...

Beach, I try hard to imagine the circumstances and the mindset that could lead people to do such things, but there comes a point where imagination simply fails.
There are no words adequate, are there?
Some humans are just plain evil and that will have to do. No wonder so many of us find solace in the company of our four-footed friends...
And thank you so much for being kind enough to link to the Nia Glassie story.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Rich said...


Things are really going to start to unravel in the next four years.

11:57 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Rich, they have already started. If just wonder who has a "gun" to President Bush's head. If you notice, he is infinitely more relaxed now that his task toward establishing the "New World Order" is over. I'm certain he and First Lady Laura Bush are the happiest people in DC to be leaving that hell-hole of corruption.

KG - always welcome, my friend. In a sane world, those animals would be executed. As Thomas Jefferson said in his day, tried by your peers on Thrusday, if sentenced to death, executed on Friday. Same if found guilty on Friday, executed on Saturday. However, if found guilty on Saturday, you get Sunday off, and executed on Monday.

Ooh rah! for Jefferson.

Yes, our furry friends provide friendship and security plus they can keep secrets better than NSA or CIA. And better than Rahm Emmanuel - best choice Barry could have made for Chief of Staff at the White House. Rahm will leak everything. Can't wait to see what boondoogles Billie Ayers gets to take.

On Nia's tragedy - yours was the last post I read that night. Broke my heart. Please check out the link to Channon Christian and Christian Newsom in the post.

We live in a world gone mad... I fear that the United States has a great many things to pay for, not the least of which is that since 1973, we have killed/murdered now nearly the same number of men and women nurses we lost during the Vietnam War AND we have killed these pre-born and viable near-term babies "legally."

The tragedy of Nia brought home to me the cruelty of a society that replaces God with Humanism and with our so-called Secular Progressives. I wonder how they will like wearing burqas.

And we have just elected a president-elect who supports abortion-on-demand. I wonder how many pedophiles and rapists are happy about that.

Sorry for going off on a tangent. Pray for the children: the ones we kill before they even have a chance at "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and for the little ones such as Nia, defenseless in a house of lunatics and psychopaths. Their punishment should start with someone jamming matches under their fingernails and lighting them. That's one of the Geneva Convention approved forms of torture the North Vietnamese used on our military in Vietnam so it must be okay... And of course, the "death by a thousand cuts", an acient Chinese method could be instructive. I know, not very generous for a Christian but those folks need special treatment.

On the link, you are always welcome. I find that my friends on the internet, around the globe, are good friends. I have a question: can I use your header quotation in my heading when I revise it? and how were you able to put "no leftist/liberal tripe" statement at your comments?

It is a beautiful day here, sun shinning, waves sparkling, and the weather turning cooler. You should be moving into spring-time.

We'll say prayers for Nia and we will not forget Channon and Christian or all of the 12,000 Americans killed by illegals in our nation every year.

11:35 AM  

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