Thursday, November 13, 2008

Franken vs Coleman: stealing elections Demo-style!

Minnesota is on the brink of joining the State of Washington in the disenfranchisement of a good number of their residents. Riddle me this? How is it that when a Republican wins an election, the far-left screams "voter fraud?" But when a radical nut-job who couldn't even make a radio talk show work lost an election, the far-left screams "disenfranchisement" and presto-change-o, NEW votes for Al Franken materialize from trunks of cars...days after the election. If you ask me, the voters who voted for Norm Coleman are being disenfranchised - pure and simple. They should file a class action law suit against the Chief of Elections if the Senatorial win is stolen from Coleman. It seems that some Democrats controlling the elections in Minnesota have no shame and no integrity. And politicians wonder why the American people have little or no faith in them. Keep in mind that while President Bush has had ratings in the 20-30% range, the Nancy Pelosi House has a single-digit rating. Is ACORN involved in this "disenfranchisement" of Norm Coleman voters? Maybe they need to hire a good lawyer...say, someone from Harvard?

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Blogger Beach Girl said...

This blog is a dictatorship. Divergent views are posted here but not far leftist tripe.

11:54 AM  

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