Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama vs Bush: two views of America

When we were entertained by the eloquence of John Edwards, we were told that there are two Americas. Maybe so - the far-left elites and those enslaved by them, and the rest of us. But what may be troubling and certainly a challenge to President-elect Obama when he takes the oath of office and walks into the Oval Office for the first time as the President of the United States is perhaps the need:
  • to reconcile his views of the government growing and controlling more and more through judicial mandate if the legislation can't get passed, and
  • to review the free-market system of open and fair competition and creativity that have enabled us to "grow" as a successful and free people.
Socialism or "appearance-based working" stifles creativity and growth. Free enterprise opens up individual creativity and opens the American flood-gates to innovation and new ways of solving our challenges: opens our minds, frees our Souls; and rewards our creativity. The following are two different points of view and frankly, I have never heard any elected "leader" voice the latter views. If you think about the latter view, the concept is chilling and could not have come from a "constitutional" instructor, surely... First, in a commentary written by Lawrence Kudlow, Bush shows Obama the way: As quoted from President Bush's speech on capitalism:
"At its most basic level, capitalism offers people the freedom to choose where they work and what they do...the dignity that comes with profiting from their talent and hard work...The free-market system also provides the incentives that lead to prosperity - the incentive to work, to innovate, to save and invest wisely, and to create jobs for others."
And further:
"Free-market capitalism is far more than an economic theory. It is the engine of social mobility - the highway to the American Dream. And it is what transformed America from a rugged frontier to the greatest economic power in history - a nation that gave the world the steamboat and the airplane, the computer and the CAT scan, the Internet and the iPod."..."The triumph of free-market capitalism has been proven across time, geography, culture, and faith. And it would be a terrible mistake to allow a few months of crisis to undermine 60 years of success."
[I would disagree only that free-market capitalism does not always transcend "culture and faith" as Shariah Finance is not compatible with a free-market ideology.] Mr. Kudlow ends with:
...There is no iron-clad reason why a Democrat can't adopt the economic-growth model that has worked so well and so long for this country."
S.A. Miller has an article today, Voting record clouds Obama's judge picks, which includes a quotation from President-elect Obama made in 2001 and subsequently voiced during the campaign. The perception of the role of the Supreme Court should give all of us pause. From Miller's article:
Mr. Obama put conservatives on guard with a 2001 radio interview, while still a member of the Illinois state Senate, in which he complained that Chief Justice Earl Warren's court - one of the most liberal in Supreme Court history - "didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution" in order to bring about "redistribution of wealth."
Ahmm... The Supreme Court is not supposed to "break free" from the constraints of the U.S. Constitution; it is supposed to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is only supposed to determine if a law passed by Congress is constitutional or not. The Supreme Court is not supposed to "make" law. God knows we have enough people trying to do that. In the 1990s, there were 5,000 bills before the Congress. Give 'em more vacations, I say. What happened to our citizen-statesmen who were supposed to support themselves with work at HOME? I would also point out that since LBJ's Great Society, we have had plenty of "redistribution of wealth" that has led to a separation among our people and has led to part of our social structure being made up of folks who have become dependent upon "government" by legislative design, it seems to me, and another part of our society that is forced through confiscatory taxes on income to support those whom the government has made dependent or "enslaved." We fought a Civil War for a number of reasons and lost over 500,000 men in the process. We ended slavery in the South, not in the North at that time; however, it seems to me that a faction of our political elite won't let slavery go and have just substituted the plantation for government entitlements of many varieties to keep some folks down, mainly the poor - all of our poor - to vote the very folks who enslave them back into office. The rest of us are "enslaved" through confiscatory taxes. It's like the communism of a condo community. You can control your mortgage but you cannot control the condo fee. It is an open ticket to the poor house and likely can equal or surpass your mortgage payment over time. The poor cannot rise out of poverty because government simply will not allow it... Certainly, to me, Democrats enslave the poor by mesmerizing them with the promise of a better life through government subsidies designed to keep them at a subsistence level and designed to "buy" their vote. To former Illinois State Senator Obama, we've had plenty of "wealth redistribution" and "wealth distribution" is NOT the job of a Supreme Court sworn to uphold the US Constitution. Actually, the Founding Fathers did not give the right to vote to anyone who did not have a vested interest - land, property, income - in the how their taxes would be spent. They certainly would not have supported one part of the citizenry legally "stealing" from the producing class. Now soon-to-be President Obama will face a challenge: to clamp down on the American people who are the creators of jobs and of innovation or to reduce taxes, reduce capital gains taxes, and open the flood-gates of American ingenuity to "set our people FREE." Americans can solve our problems - the less government intrusion, the better.

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Blogger Z said...

Well, we all know what he's going to do....which choice he'll make, and it isn't Pro America, that is for sure.
I grieve........

All he'd have to say is "no capital gains taxes" and our stock market would rebound, but noooooooooooo...he's too busy getting old hackneyed Clintonistas into his CHANGE AND HOPE administration. It would be humorous if it wasn't our country he's tampering with!

1:17 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Z, I grieve too. Perhaps that is why I bury myself in novels or I watch countless times over my DVDs of Burn Notice.

I also watch The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon. And I pray that we have loyal Americans within some agencies who are protecting our nation - even from ourselves.

One of the problems with Obama's meteoric flight into the White House is that he took a proved pathway through a relatively small black community in Chicago. There have been none of his political actions - of which I am aware - that are in defense of our nation. He clearly wants an activist Supreme Court and there are several justices who have been hanging on just for a liberal leftist president to set them free.

I have known folks who have and do work in the clandestine services. My faith goes first to God and then to them.

A friend of mine told me once not too long ago when I was flaming angry with President Bush that I didn't know who was holding a gun to his head. That is true. If you notice, he looks very relieved to be leaving that Hell-hole that is our nation's capital. Who could blame him? And we know nothing about what really goes on.

We are just the golden goose who lays the golden egg or the cattle who are milked dry on a daily basis. Incidentally, I have received threats here, from Islamic fundamentalists, not directed at me, but directed at "He who shall remain nameless" should he become our president.

I'm waiting to see who his Secret Service folks turn out to be.

In some ways, for our own sanity, we have to see some humor sometime, for as long as we have "talk radio" before censorship and the heavy boot of the administration shuts it down.

We - as a people - sheep bleeting for "protection" - gave up our freedoms willingly after 9/11 and now with the "financial crisis", we will give up more. For myself, I will not be travelling on an airplane during this transition no matter how far I may have to travel. It will be interesting to see if Obama and Her Royal Highness continue to fly on separate planes.

Yes, the fear of the San Fran Nans and the Nevada Harrys turned loose on our nation with a willing administration could be rough. It has always been so. Remember, the other folks who have tried Socialism/Communism just haven't been smart enough to do it right. Our liberal far-left knows they are smart enough. But then we'll see how smart one of them is. I can't believe Hillary Clinton would give up her power in the Senate to be Obama's Secretary of State.

Just to put the icing on the cake, maybe he should just get some man from a Muslim Brotherhood front group and name him our Secretary of State and be done with it. But another woman Secretary of State! Good Lord. I'll bet the Shieks and Royal Princes had quite the chuckles having to deal with Madelene Albright. Mercy!

I still get a chuckle of San Fran Nan with a scarf on her head when she visited Syria. Good grief!

I grieve too, Z; I grieve too...

But the so-called conservative Republicans in Congress betrayed us when they spent money like pouring water through a shieve and rubber-stamped a bunch of things they should not have from 2000 - 2006.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Z said...

Sad, isn't it?
Thanks for this response and thanks for your excellent comment at geeeeeZ!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

You betcha! We have to stick together and help each other spread the humor or sorrow as best as we can. Each of us have different readerships and this way, when we find something good, spoof or not, we need to share the wealth.

If you are not familiar with this blogger, I highly recommend making Mr. Minority a MUST read before signing off for the day/night. He has the wit and humor not to mention intellect to smash those balls over the net and spike the opponents senseless. While we get a good dose of "laugh out loud", ease the tension of the seriousness, chuckle at the end of a busy day.

10:30 AM  

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